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Re-creating Recreation!

Find and connect with recreation experts (recsperts) near you!

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Value Proposition: Recspert is the online recreation center for busy families to compare services and find the right expert near them. Finding a sports coach, lifeguard, or wellness professional can be difficult and time-consuming for the busy parent. Active families have multiple needs for each family member that changes developmentally over time, from youth sports to adults. Fitness and wellness professionals are often lost in the current large marketplaces or segmented to one audience, such as the personal trainer marketplace. Families have many needs and limited time and are looking for an array of recreation options all in one place. Recspert provides a one-stop shop to find all your recreation service needs.

Company Background: During the pandemic, recreation centers closed, and customers turned to virtual training options more than ever before. Recspert was born from the vision of an online community space for busy families to access coaches, trainers, and wellness experts and provide the recreation community a way to gain more exposure for the solopreneurs who may not have a marketing budget or a website.

Leadership Team: Katie Cleasby M.Ed – Co-founder and CEO: 15 years+ years in the sports and recreation industry, including a doctorate in human organizational learning and leadership. Dominika Kowalska Bernhart – Cofounder: 10+ years in project management in tech B2B and B2C products. Hubert Kunc – CTO: 10+ years as a full-stack software engineer.

Products/Services: Recspert is a two-sided marketplace app that provides customers a way to search for the right trainer, coach, or sports expert near them by typing in their service needs and location to compare multiple options through price, and reviews, profiles, and ratings. Recspert allows recreation businesses to post jobs and opportunities to find specific staffing needs. For coaches and recreational experts, Recspert delivers the potential to reach a broader range of new customers to expand their client base by posting their services and connecting with the right type of customer.

Technologies/Special Know-How: Our two-sided marketplace has a database of a wide variety of unique recreation experts for the customer seeking a service, a job board for recreation facilities recruiting Recsperts such as camp counselors, and a live video portal for virtual training options. Our trademark for the name “Recspert” is pending.

Market: The recreation industry is broken down into youth sports, fitness, and health and wellness. The need for youth sports is $19.2 billion and growing based on the $36 million kids who play sports. The youth sports market is projected to reach $77.6 billion by 2026.

Distribution Channels: Direct sales from the website and app utilizing a solid SEO campaign in sports conferences and fitness expos and advertising channels such as Facebook and Instagram and PPC campaigns.

Competition: Recspert has competition; however, what makes us unique is that we provide a wide variety of recreation-focused activities, not just personal trainers or sports coaches, but a one-stop-shop for the whole family for their recreation needs over their developmental life span. A parent can sign up, schedule a Recspert, track their progress, and even use our virtual portal to complete their service right on the platform.





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