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Rayzza is Raising Funds for Secure Payments

Mobile Travel App to experience the world with those you like!

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Project Description

Hi !

We are Natalia and Iwona, the founders of Travel App - Rayzza.

Our idea started from our Passion  for sailing, adventure and meeting new people.

Our Mission is to give everyone the opportunity for a unique experience with great people from all over the world.

How did it start?

While organizing a trip for a group of people, we needed to use several different tools at the same time, but: Communication was chaotic, information was scattered, and people forget to pay....

And at the same time, when we tried to find ready trips, we searched on the internet and we realized that nowadays the traditional travel market doesn't meet a passion for adventure and meeting new people.

Rayzza! helps to organize group trips, experiences and activities: by describing the trip idea, inviting friends, collecting money, providing all the trip information and communicating with the trip participants.

Download Rayzza App

The application is ready on Play Store and AppStore. You can use QR code below to download

 Stay tuned and look on our website:



We are looking for funding to implement a payment system that will secure and safely deposit money for participants and later fastly payout for an organizer.

We are sure that we are surfing a favorable trend that is changing the travel industry, help us to be part of it!

Thank you for believing in Rayzza


The Campaign FAQs

Who we are founders?

Natalia Cieślak

10 years in Product Management

Strong experience in global B2C projects. 

Family travel business


Iwona Połóg

20 years in digital industry,

ex-CEO, Board Member,

Business Owner, MBA




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Just Because I Care

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About the Entrepreneur

Rome, RM
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Just Because I Care

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