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Rate My Stylist: Say goodbye to "Hey Boo!" texts

Finding a reliable hairstylist is harder than it’s ever been. Rate My Stylist wants to connect you with the best stylists near you.

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Project Description

At Rate My Stylist, our core mission revolves around bridging the gap between consumers and reliable personal service providers. In today's landscape, it has become increasingly challenging for individuals to find trustworthy and professional beauticians who can deliver exceptional services. Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are replete with complaints from dissatisfied customers who have either experienced subpar service or, worse, been swindled by stylists.

Fed up with this prevalent issue, I took the initiative to create Rate My Stylist—a platform designed to address these concerns. Our website enables consumers to effortlessly search for a wide range of stylists, including hair stylists, nail techs, barbers, and more. What sets us apart is the innovative approach of allowing users to create new stylist listings if they cannot find their preferred service provider on our site. This user-generated content feature empowers customers to share their experiences, leaving reviews about the services they received, or, in some unfortunate cases, didn't receive.

We believe that by fostering a community of transparency and accountability, Rate My Stylist can revolutionize the beauty service industry and empower customers to make well-informed decisions when selecting their personal service providers.

Rate My Stylist has the potential to thrive within both the $10.98 billion beauty care industry and the broader $92.79 billion beauty and personal care industry. By providing a unique platform that empowers consumers to make informed decisions and connect with top-rated stylists, the business aims to enhance overall beauty care experiences.

Rate My Stylist, a burgeoning startup, aspires to become a global entity in the future. At present, the company operates with just one developer and myself. With the anticipated funding, I intend to expand the team, recruiting skilled professionals to bolster the website's backend support, execute targeted marketing strategies, and secure the assistance of a legal team to ensure full compliance with all regulations and requirements.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in getting to know my company. It has always been my dream to turn my idea into reality.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is your target demographic?
    • Men, women, and non-binary individuals ages 18-45 years old. 
  • How does your website plan to generate money?
    • RMS plans to generate revenue through website advertisement and paid promotions from beauty companies.




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