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To provide unforgettable glamping accommodations

Think Once. Think Twice. Think Unique Five.

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Project Description



Owners, Daphnay, Jenny, and Pharadia Gabriel and Rishadeane Hinds, are proponents of the luxurious glamping chalets and entertainment theaters provided by Pacific Domes’ innovative and eco-friendly geodesic domes. They are forming Unique Five to bring a deluxe camp ground to a strategic and idyllic location in the northeast. Funding needs $760,000 in total for a promising business venture.  




Many vacationers want the adventure of camping and getting close to nature without sacrificing the comforts of modern life, but tent camping is uncomfortable and cumbersome, and resort hotels do not offer the escapism of camping.


Unique Five will provide unforgettable luxury camping experiences in its unique and earth friendly bio domes. The all-weather, energy-efficient geodesic domes will have a minimal impact on nature while offering visitors deluxe amenities such as private hot tubs, electric grills, climate control, comfortable furnishings, warm décor, and fine dining in a stunning setting. In addition, one fully immersive dome will provide entertainment and relaxation after a day of exploring the untamed wild right outside the dome doors. In due time, Unique Five will be the preferred glamping destination for couples, families, and groups of friends who appreciate both luxurious accommodations and the ability to simultaneously escape to nature.



Unique Five will provide luxury camping facilities in the resort’s proprietary geodesic domes. Guests will enjoy many luxury amenities, including room service and meals prepared by a 5-star Chef. The Company is forecasted to have continued growth tren

Products and Services

Unique Five offers the luxurious amenities of a fine hotel with the adventure and escape of camping.


~~ Ecological Glamping Domes with Harmonic Architecture


  • Insulation
  • Climate Control
  • Natural Light
  • Hot Tubs
  • Electric Grills
  • Luxurious Furnishings and Linens
  • Fine Dining
  • Durable and Resilient in All Weather
  • Energy Efficient
  • Minimal Carbon Footprint

~~ Entertainment Dome


  • 2 small (86 sq. ft.) domes for private, romantic dinners
  • 5 medium-sized domes to sleep 2-6 people
  • 3 large domes to sleep 2-12 people, with fully equipped electric kitchens, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths
  • Community heated pool with fireplace, public sauna
  • 5-star room service
  • Domes will have private hot tubs
  • Resort is for 18+/adults only
  • There will be alcoholic and fountain beverages available
  • Catering for events such as proms, weddings, birthdays, and parties for up to 100 people in the entertainment dome



Daphnay Gabriel, Jenny Gabriel, Pharadia Gabriel, Sleamm’s Jerry Diogene and Rishadeane Hinds are the founders and owners of Unique Five. Daphnay Gabriel has worked with developmentally disabled children and as a Behavioural Health Technician, developing extensive administrative experience and people skills. Jenny Gabriel has worked for the U.S. Postal Service and possesses a degree in marketing; she also has an extensive book-keeping and administrative background gained in the medical field. Pharadia Gabriel also worked in the U.S. Postal Service, where she gained invaluable experience serving the public as a mail carrier. She possesses administrative experience as a partner in the Haiti Charity Hope Foundation.

Sleamm’s Jerry Diogene grew up in Haiti, speaking four languages: French, Creole, English and Spanish. He has worked in security in Canada and is a musician, studying the culinary arts required as a five-star chef.

Rishadeane Hinds has experience as an administrative assistant and receptionist. She is a motivated student with skills in database management and other management-support IT applications. She is enterprising and articulate, with strong communication and organizational skills.

Together, the owners comprise a talented and complementary management group who work well together. The owners are seasoned business professionals who are well connected and attuned to the needs of their targeted market. Their work ethic and business acumen will be the key drivers that propel this venture towards a position of lasting success.



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