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Power of Pause with MeditationWorks

Canada's First Mobile Meditation Studio Built for Business | We Come to You!

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Project Description


MeditationWorks began out of the awareness that mental health and well-being of people around the world was being dramatically affected due to being so connected that people were becoming drastically disconnected. 

Who We Are & What We Do

MeditationWorks is dedicated to providing Workplace Wellness experiences that are convenient, easy and accessible. We are focused on improving the lives of people everywhere. A weekly meditation and mindful wellness regime are known to help manage stress, sharpen focus and reduce illness while helping people become healthier and happier.

MeditationWorks is Canada's first mobile meditation studio with our vintage 1972 Airstream dubbed the "Pause Lounge",  we launched May 6, 2020 at the beginning of the global pandemic providing mindful self-care at work for Ontario hospital frontline healthcare workers.  This was not our original launch plan; however, when the world shifted, we needed to do the same ensuring we were stayed true to our mission - providing a convenient and accessible space for a purposeful pause with wellness at work. 

Sunnybrook Hospital Healthcare Workers
Pause Lounge

June of 2020, we tested LIVE Virtual Workplace Wellness Experiences to support organizations fostering culture, team building and wellness at work when the majority of the global work force was working from home.  We have now brought to life over 700 LIVE workplace wellness experiences around the world with our team of certified wellness professionals, clinicians, burnout and leadership coaches.   

Live Virtual Wellness at Work

Problem We are Solving

The greatest barrier to self-care at work is convenience, self-motivation,  space and time.  We have solved this by literally bringing our workplace wellness experiences right to the doorstep of organizations, to their computer screens easily for employers to support their employees - Live In Person and Live Virtually We Come to You, providing the Wellness Space & Curating Custom Services based on each organizations Health & Wellness needs.

Live In Person Wellness Workshops

Our Growth Goals & Ambition

Our growth goal is to scale our mobile, virtual and in person verticals to reach as many organizations and employees as possible. In order to meet both our revenue and profit goals we need to expand into more markets to reach more organizations supporting employee health and wellness offerings that come to you – benefitting employers and employees.  Expanding our reach with more mobile studios on the road to reach as many organizations as possible supports healthier, happier and more collaborative organizations improving operational effectiveness. Having the studio come to you, our team come to you virtually as well as in person is convenient for both the employer and the employee as we provide both the wellness space and the service.

Innovation & Amplification

To amplify our services and offerings reach we need to optimize our technology and innovation that is utilized in all three of our verticals: 

1. Mobile Meditation Studio – enhance sound quality and technology for optimal participant enjoyment, inncluding piloting new digital devices/platforms to provide several ways for employees to interact with our wellness experiences  

2. Virtual –  Enhancement technology features and offerings to support employee engagement and their experience  

3. In Person – Wellness Workshops and digital integration for our in office wellness and "NEW" wellness wall experiences.  Refresh, Create and Update experiences, digital innovation features for employees to engage with at the office for the betterment of their health and well-being.

Thank you in advance for your support! Whether it comes in the form of a share or a contribution, we're grateful! 

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