Pit Grit Underarm Scrub

Help me bring Pit Grit (TM) underarm scrub to the production stage by funding our first manufacturing run of 50K single-use packets!

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Project Description

Pit Grit, Katie Boyle, Boyle Public Health

Trying to use natural deodorants but failing?  Feeling like you want better control of your underarm odor, a.k.a. BO?  Want to go for a run on your lunch break and then get back to the office, sans the stink?

Pit Grit (TM) is an all-natural, gently exfoliating scrub for the underarm that can more completely cleanse away build-up and odor-causing bacteria using the power of our custom blend of naturally anti-microbial ingredients.  It is intended for men and women (or your stinky teenager) who want better control of body odor.  Pit Grit can be used at home or on the go; simply dispense a pea-sized amount onto wet hand, rub for 5-10 seconds and then rinse or wipe away.  Apply deodorant (or not) as normal.

We need funding to bring this novel cosmetic to the mass production stage!  Funding will be used to hire a contract manufacturer to produce 50,000K single use packets of 5-10 ml of paste which will cost approximately $7,500.  Any additional funds not used to cover production will be used for general operating expenses and online marketing of products.

Katie Boyle, Boyle Public Health

Katie E. Boyle, MPH, Owner Boyle Public Health

Boyle Public Health is owned and operated by Katie Boyle, a public health professional with over 15 years of experience in the field and a passion for getting the toxins out!  Katie and her husband, Brian, have invested over $13K of personal savings so far (read: we’re taking this seriously.  This is no gimmick.)  As you might expect, there’s no more room in the family budget to devote to this!

Katie’s mission with Pit Grit (TM) is to propel the use of natural and lower-toxicity deodorants to the masses, and reduce the social stigma of body odor for those affected.  There is uncertainty in the scientific evidence about the link between breast cancer and some of the ingredients in conventional deodorants, namely aluminum and paraben preservatives.  The precautionary principle in public health states that when there is a suspected and plausible risk to human health, do not let the absence of absolute conclusive evidence postpone measures to protect the public’s health.  Katie believes the link exists between the toxins we apply to our skin from conventional deodorant and cancer.  And Pit Grit makes natural deodorants, without any harsh chemicals, an effective, viable option for anyone and everyone.

To conclude: Give your deodorant a fighting chance at working and Boyle Public Health a fighting chance at making a difference in the quantities of toxins we all absorb into our bodies on a daily basis!  Together, we can propel the natural products movement all the way!  Fund the production and marketing of Pit Grit (TM) underarm scrub NOW!  Thank you!

-with joy & appreciation,