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Operation Fund Wellness

Funds would support the lease and utilities for one yr, purchase of office furniture and supplies, salary for 1 part-time employee

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Project Description

Having lost over 100 lbs (and still going); I began Synergy Wellness - Franklin in 2013 with the goal of helping others achieve their optimal wellness.   I have learned through the years that Holistic Wellness works! It is not a diet; it is a "live-it!"  I have also learned that most folks have no idea where to begin or how to maintain wellness. Therefore, I began implementing a lot of education with regard to recipe rehab (making unhealthy dishes more healthy and yet maintain the taste and integrity of the dish), how to properly combine foods/food groups at each meal (hint: the my plate and my pyramid are NOT the way to go in my opinion), and instruction on reading food labels and how to identify hidden sugars among other topics of interest.  Clients love to learn and generally can implement immediately what they learn.

Synergy Wellness - Franklin provides services via face-to-face, via skype, facetime, as well as phone consults and email consults so our reach is more than just central Indiana.

The funds needed will allow us to secure a great location in a busy, quaint little town, with ample parking and easy access.  Funds requested would cover rent and utilities for one year, supplies for office and classes, marketing, and salary for a minimum of one part-time employee.  The space will be used for office/consultations, wellness classes, a waiting/small retail area, and small storage closet, and a restroom.  Zoning for commercial is already approved.  In the small retail area we would sell home-made vanilla extract, herbal teas, meditation videos/music, protein powders, essential oils, and physical/mental/spiritual growth items.   I, as the Holistic Health Practitioner, would continue to maintain my current day job until the business is fully sustainable (anticipated 1-2 yrs) as well as be able to see clients onsite evenings and weekends.

Outreach for clients would be via social media, direct collaboration with area physicians and nurse practitioners, community organizations, news print (limited), and word of mouth/referrals.

Services offered include: Wellness Assessments, Guided Meditation, Tai Chi classes, Wellness Cooking Classes, Food Combination Classes, Aromatherapy, Accupressure Therapy, Ionic Foot Detox, Spiritual Counseling, and Essential Oil classes.


The Campaign FAQs

Project FAQ:

Benefits of located property: ample parking, prime retail/office location downtown Franklin, IN, zoning complete, low rent rates, space currently under renovation, easy access from interstate and local highway. no other Holistic Health Practitioner within 25-30 mile radius, established contacts within community for referrals, established clients for referrals.

Challenges: limited space for growth (although it is possible the upstairs area of the building will be available within a year for rental if extra space is needed as the business thrives),  Without funding will be unable to rent the space as personal funds are not available.

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