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"Nice Fit" Healthy value

"Nice Fit"Project - Be a part of own fast growing, sustainable brand.

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Project Description

Mission of company: 

To be sustainable on healthy beverages & snacks in daily life. What we sell is not a product, what we giving is the value of the connection between "health, environment, and social activities".  0.3 yuan per product will be allocated to green climate projects in China and Asia & global to plant forests up to 1 million trees.

We will make consumers' purchasing behavior an honor for social consumers. They will feel respected and valued as our members, spread the word about a green climate and stay healthy with a sustainable brand.

By 2026, the company intends to be global brand with healthy daily life products and IPO with company value 36 million USD.

We make protein products that are popular and loved by consumers. Ordinary protein has a strong & difficult taste, so the people who use it are limited to athletes or gymer people who need high protein. So we innovated new ways to use our protein nutritional products to be necessary products in daily life that every people from children to adults would use it to provide enough energy for any activities from studying to working.

Market size/ Opportunities: 

The energy market size is 62,940.00 million usd in 2021. The energy drinks market energy Industry is projected to grow 1,190,927.00 Million usd before 2030 exhibiting a compound annual growth rate is 7,52% during the forecast 2022-2030. Majors region area with North America, European, Asia and the rest of the world. The market has been segmented by region, distribution channel, product type.

Nowadays, many people use energy drinks to help them study and work. Additionally, sports and fitness have become a popular lifestyle choice among a growing number of Chinese people. According to the 2021 China Sports and Fitness Crowd Insight Report released by Mob Research Institute, the number of people exercising is expected to rise to 560 million by 2030. As more and more people do sports in China, energy drinks have gained popularity among local consumers. According to Euromonitor, the consumption of energy drinks in China showed a growing trend from 2017 to 2022, reaching 2.95 billion liters in 2022.

Our Products/ unique selling point:

We developed Essential products for healthy bodies, clean labels and high quality. Millions of people around the world, especially young children, do not get enough protein due to food insecurity. 

The research and development of protein and nutritional products are close to daily life, easy to drink, delicious and nutritious formulas, derived from fruits, tea, milk, herbs...

Bottled protein and UHT are easily placed in a bag or ready for immediate use.

For traditional whey protein powder, it takes time to mix and prepare, so Nice Fit will be more convenient to replace traditional protein powder.

Our products benefit: Delicious whey protein drink with vitamin premix to boost immunityNo stabilizers added, low calorie, Ideal for immune support, better nutrition, sports nutrition and fasting recovery, nutritional supplements, breakfast protein drink, Hydrate, Growth optimism, Good for hair, skin, brain support, best growth for children, healthy aging 

We are developing De-stress, Essential nutrients for a calm, stress-free life that can support many people in stress situation in daily life.


We are seeking funds to operation in China market  set up one Shanghai Trading company & one Holding company in Hongkong for Asia transaction and head quarter in Singapore. We will need first stage 1 million USD at first stage of trading + expanding others cities in China & others countries to raise add on 2 million usd .

Target is company value 36 million USD before pre-IPO. We will use 18% on Operation activities, 10% on social marketing, 45-50% on cost of ingredients & manufacturing & R&D , the rest of 27% for working capital.

Nice fit team:

Ms. Tam is founder of Project with high quality profile.

International business at UEH & high quality management study at ZEW Germany. 12 years experiences in global cocoa trading & sustainable program & manufacturing as well as Distribution development in Asia for Uelzena Group Germany with revenue 800million EUR. Founder of CNC company (2015 until now invested by BCG) (project cooperated with 2,000 Farmers & government for sustainable activities with 1,000ha ), Founder of Schokocrown Viet Nam (2018 until now) (Exclusive at Asia market of Uelzena Group)Founder of Nice fit related to Market analysis strategy Products strategy, R&D and operation, Sales & distribution strategy

Singaporean Expert team: 20 years experiences on protein & nutritional & energy products.

Schokocrown is main company invested for Nice fit project until now for development R&D.


Income Statement  usd/vnd24,500       
Years 2024 to 2030          
  Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8 
NET REVENUES 6,029,127 11,381,000 34,595,100 50,994,563 68,470,757 100,907,264 137,298,031 192,976,331  
COST OF REVENUE 3,349,366 4,380,351 11,626,019 16,659,165 22,715,502 32,903,766 44,157,371 61,026,534  
% of Revenues 55.6%38.5%33.6%32.7%33.2%32.6%32.2%31.6% 
GROSS PROFIT 2,679,760 7,000,649 22,969,081 34,335,398 45,755,255 68,003,498 93,140,660 131,949,797  
% of Revenues 44.4%61.5%66.4%67.3%66.8%67.4%67.8%68.4% 
General and Administration 1,195,657 2,148,079 6,472,738 9,400,850 12,461,241 18,199,814 24,582,501 34,340,936  
Total Operating Expenses 1,195,657 2,148,079 6,472,738 9,400,850 12,461,241 18,199,814 24,582,501 34,340,936  
% of Revenues 20%19%19%18%18%18%18%18% 
EARNINGS FROM OPERATIONS 1,484,103 4,852,570 16,496,343 24,934,548 33,294,014 49,803,683 68,558,159 97,608,861  
EARNINGS BEFORE INTEREST & TAXES 1,484,103 4,852,570 16,496,343 24,934,548 33,294,014 49,803,683 68,558,159 97,608,861  
INTEREST INCOME / (EXPENSE) (16,747)(21,902) 
NET EARNINGS BEFORE TAXES 1,467,356 4,830,668 16,496,343 24,934,548 33,294,014 49,803,683 68,558,159 97,608,861  
TAXESReduce taxes(293,471)(966,134)(3,299,269)(4,986,910)(6,658,803)(9,960,737)(13,711,632)(19,521,772) 
NET EARNINGS 1,173,885 3,864,535 13,197,074 19,947,638 26,635,211 39,842,947 54,846,527 78,087,089  
% of Revenues 19.5%34.0%38.1%39.1%38.9%39.5%39.9%40.5% 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Please don't hesitate to contact us at email [email protected] or phone number +84903892306.



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Special Rewards Campaign of Nice fit .

We will contribute the special limited edition of products to the winners of supporting us on this program (name of supporters will be honor on products)  + a special gift set tea.

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Reward image
100.00 USD
Special Rewards Campaign of Nice fit .

We will contribute the special limited edition of products to the winners of supporting us on this program (name of supporters will be honor on products)  + a special gift set tea.

20 Left
0 Supporters
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