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National Black Movie Day 2022 Scholarship

The National Black Movie Association invites you to support aspiring Black filmmakers attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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Project Description

  • What is the mission of your company or project? The mission of the National Black Movie Association (NBMA) is to promote awareness of Black stories and to create new and innovative opportunities to enhance the moviegoing experience.
  • Describe the problem you are solving-NBMA is advocating to raise awareness of the need to tell more of our stories. It serves as an advocate for Black films and filmmakers while providing and sharing information for and about Black movie consumers. It celebrates Black film excellence and generates resources and scholarships for aspiring Black filmmakers.
  • What is the market size/opportunity? The National Black Movie association has a market size of over 300,000 students across 100+ HBCUs who have both talent and passion for filmmaking, but lack the resources to pursue careers in film.
  • What is your company/product about and how does it solve the problem? NBMA is providing resources to students passionate about filmmaking and advocates for creating education and film programs at HBCUs.
  • Why are you seeking funding and how will you spend the funding? This grant will help further our mission through providing scholarships, educational events and resources for students with aspirations in film.
  • Who is on your team? Agnes Moss, Creator and Founder; Susan Leigh, Director of Marketing; Michael Wood, Creative Director; Adia Moss, Community Outreach Manager; Cedric Curry, Events Manager.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get in contact with the National Black Movie Association?

Please forward all inquiries to [email protected] and a team member will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


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