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Moss + Cable

A Modern Irish Knitwear Studio

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Visa She’s Next Irish Grant Contest


Our mission is to offer high-quality alternatives to fast fashion and promote Donegal as a global leader in luxury knitwear manufacturing. Traditionally one of Donegal's biggest industries, a lot of knitwear production has moved overseas in recent decades. We want to reinvigorate this local heritage and work exclusively with local artisans in Donegal.


Our range of unisex, sustainable sweaters and knitted accessories are designed as modern heirlooms and made to last. Every piece in our collection is produced in Donegal using traditional knitting methods, helping to minimise our carbon footprint and promote the skill of local craftspeople.

It has been reported that 66% of global millennials are willing to spend more on sustainable brands so there is a huge opportunity to offer consumers an alternative to disposable fashion. The popularity of gender-neutral fashion has also been on the rise for the past decade and reportedly 79% of Gen Z shoppers will buy clothes assigned to the opposite gender with which they identify. We aim to play a part in this new direction for fashion and help to break down these traditional ideas of gender in the apparel industry. 



We are seeking funding to help us grow our production capabilities and continue to invest in partnering with local suppliers. We plan to spend the funding on scaling up production and developing our digital presence to reach more customers. We are currently operated solely by our Founder Siobhan and work with a group of highly skilled freelancers on a variety of projects. 

Thank you for your interest in Moss + Cable!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have sensitive skin, can I wear your knitwear?

We have been very careful about using the softest wool we can find across our range and only work with a combination of 100% merino yarn, lambswool and pure new wool across our collection. 

How does sizing work if all of your pieces are gender-netural?

You can find specific size guides on our website however our general rule of thumb is for women to size down and for men to size up on their usual sizing. 

What tradtional techniques to you use across the range?

We work with a small number of suppliers who create our pieces using a mixture of looms and hand-knitting methods. 

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