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Modern HERstory is a book for the empowerment of children, teens, & adults who feel like they do not have a mirror to themselves.

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Project Description


What is Modern HERstory?

Modern HERstory is Equality for HER’s very first self published print publication. The book is an inclusive and intersectional approach to women’s history with vibrant illustrations from artist Monique Le.


Why do we need Modern HERstory?

Modern HERstory is a resource for the empowerment of children, teens, and adults who feel like they do not have a mirror to themselves. Through this book, we are expanding the discussion of WHO can make history–or in this case HERstory.


I am Blair Imani, the founder of Equality for HER, and for a long time I felt like I could not make a difference in the world because I was “too different.” As the only Black child in my elementary and middle school classes, I was constantly faced with the thought that I did not belong and the notion that people like me were not worthy of the opportunities afforded to people of privilege. Having converted to Islam in 2015, I realized that feeling different wasn’t a struggle I had overcome, it persisted into my adulthood. Thankfully, I had a support system of caring parents and mentors who continued to affirm my work, but not everyone is so lucky.

Whether you are 7-years-old or over 70-years-old, no one should feel like they cannot make a difference because of who they are. My personal journey of coming to terms with who I am has manifested into an amazing organization, Equality for HER.

Now, Equality for HER wants to bring the power of representation and inclusive dialogues on history to children (and adults) around the world. We are publishing Modern HERstory so that no child will ever feel like they do not matter or that they cannot make a difference.