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Project Description

Vision Beyond Sight - My Journey to Empower Lives Through Mobile Eyez Optical

In the heart of Justin, Texas, my story of resilience and hope unfolds. I'm Tiffany Nicole Bonilla, the visionary behind Mobile Eyez Optical. As the sun sets on hardships endured and dreams nurtured, a new chapter begins—one that transcends eye care to empower lives, one individual at a time.

Overcoming the Odds-

In 2014, life took an unexpected turn for me. Faced with a thyroid disease after bringing my precious daughter into the world, I proved resilience was my middle name. A survivor of domestic and sexual abuse, I knew adversity intimately. Yet, amidst the trials, the flicker of determination remained unwavering.

Illuminating the Path Ahead-

As a single mother, I envision a future that surpasses mere survival. My dreams extend beyond my daughter and me, reaching out to the community I call home. With my background in optometry and an unyielding passion for innovation, Mobile Eyez Optical was born—a testament to my unwavering spirit and my desire to uplift others.

Transforming Eye Care, Transforming Lives-

The campaign for Mobile Eyez Optical isn't just a call for funding; it's an invitation to be a part of a movement. Picture advanced eye examinations and designer eyewear, delivered with a touch of care that only I can offer. But it doesn't end there. Every contribution is a catalyst for change, driving accessibility, empowerment, and community impact.

Challenges We Face-

I want to be transparent with you about the challenges that lie ahead. As a start-up, funding is a critical hurdle. Your support plays an integral role in overcoming this obstacle and bringing this transformative vision to life.

Moreover, the landscape isn't without its competition. Large corporations loom on the horizon, creating a formidable challenge. While they possess vast resources, I believe that Mobile Eyez Optical offers something unique—an unwavering commitment to personalized care, community integration, and a level of compassion that sets us apart.

A Beacon of Change-

My story, woven with personal triumphs and communal dreams, is a testament to the power of compassion and the strength of the human spirit. My aim? To bring free eye exams to schools, parents, and families once a standalone store opens in March 2024, igniting change where it's needed most.

A Vision for the Future-

The horizon holds promises of expansion—a mobile practice that reaches beyond city limits, forming partnerships with corporate entities, hospitals, shelters, and schools. As I envision, a legacy of empowerment and wellness is in the making.

Building a Brighter Tomorrow-

With faith as my guide and Jesus Christ as my ally, I'm dedicated to paying forward the compassion I've received. My journey is one of transformation, not just for myself, but for those I touch—one special person at a time. With Mobile Eyez Optical, I'm crafting a tapestry of change, one where vision goes beyond sight.


How You Can Help:

Spread the Word: Share my inspiring journey and Mobile Eyez Optical's mission with your friends, family, and networks. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in creating awareness.

Engage with Me: Connect with Mobile Eyez Optical on social media platforms. Follow my journey, comment, and engage. Your presence helps us build a supportive community.

Invest in Our Vision: Become a part of my journey by investing in our company. Not only will you support our growth, but you'll also be a stakeholder in a business that's dedicated to positive change.

Donate: Your donations contribute to our cause, enabling us to reach more people, support vital research, and provide eye care to those who need it most.


Join me in creating a future where compassion, innovation, and community intertwine. Together, we're changing lives, one vision at a time.


The Campaign FAQs

When will you open your business?
October 1st 2023
What will you plan on doing with your business once it's been profitable?
I plan on donating time, money and services as well as glasses to help people that can't afford to purchase new glasses. I will also be donating to hand full of non-profit organizations to ensure that we give back to the community that we are striving to build.



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Just Because I Care

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Just Because I Care

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