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Milk Expressed works with employers to take the stress out of work travel by helping nursing Moms get their breast milk back to baby.

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Project Description

Juggling breastfeeding and a career is hard enough.  Add in a work trip and it can have the makings of a travel nightmare!  The extra bags, getting stopped at security, frantically scouring the airport for more ice, the fear of losing all that milk at TSA.  And all in front of your colleagues….

Milk Expressed is a revolutionary new company that takes the stress out of traveling by helping new Moms get their breast milk back to baby.  We partner with employers to help them offer domestic breast milk shipping kits, international travel kits, and top-notch customer service so new Moms don’t have to worry about pumping & dumping and can focus on their trip. and GE Appliances recently visited our
Founder Kristy at home to learn more about how we started:

At Milk Expressed, we believe that supporting women in their careers and on the leadership track is critical in the months that Moms are breastfeeding and working.  We are determined to help women kick butt both at work *and* as Moms.

Our dream is that in less than 5 years breast milk shipping becomes a common workplace benefit that every new Mom can use when she travels.

When a Mom is on a work trip, she is focused on taking care of her baby and taking care of her career.  Milk Expressed is there to help take care of HER.

Milk Expressed offers full-service support and high quality materials.  We go above and beyond for each Mom who uses our service.

  • We call each and every hotel before a Moms arrives so her milk gets home reliably.
  • We contact FedEx or UPS if there are any problems so a Mom can focus on her trip.
  • We use medical grade breast milk shipping containers that keep Mom’s milk cold for 3 days, in case there any shipping delays.
  • We partner with Coleman coolers for our international travel kit to offer durable, antimicrobial kits that Moms can use over and over again.

Our focus is on partnering with employers to offer breast milk solutions as a benefit to their employees.  Milk Expressed has begun working with some of the leading companies in the United States in tech, law, consulting, biotech, fashion, and more – including Twitter, World Wide Technology and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College.

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Milk Expressed is raising money because we are a small, women-owned business determined to do more.  We want to scale to offer services to new industries, we want to work with even larger companies, and we want to offer Moms new products to make travel even easier.

  • When we raise $5,000, we can say “yes!” to working with a large employer to help hundreds more nursing Moms in 2018.
  • If we raise $10,000, we can also film “How To” videos to help stressed out Moms see how easy it is to use Milk Expressed kits.
  • If we raise $15,000, we can also attend 3 national HR and Benefits trade shows to bring awareness of breast milk shipping to hundreds of employers in 2018.
  • If we raise $20,000, we can also offer our international travel kit on Amazon to help thousands of new Moms find our products.
  • If we raise $25,000, we can also automate our complicated shipping processes so we can put even more focus on the Moms and employers using our service.
  • If we raise more than $25,000, we can increase our advertising efforts to Mom-friendly companies enough to help thousands more nursing Moms in 2018.

We are partnering with iFundWomen because we strongly believe in their mission of female empowerment.  20% of iFundWomen’s proceeds go towards other female entrepreneurs, just like us.

Whether it’s $10, $200 or $1000, we would appreciate your help supporting the next generation of breastfeeding working women.

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In our first year, Milk Expressed has proven that employers are ready to help breastfeeding women succeed at work and as Moms.  We are excited to continue to grow awareness about breast milk shipping.

Since we launched on January 1, 2017, we have supported hundreds of working Moms across the United States.

We have been featured on and our Founder & CEO, Kristy Catsouphes, was selected as a honoree for the first ever Made It Awards.

“It was so helpful to be able to ship the milk out prior
to traveling home, especially when traveling colleagues
who like to leave as little time for the airport as possible.”

“The Milk Expressed program has been amazing – the
customer service is top-notch and I am so very grateful
for their responsiveness and sensitivity.”

“Milk Expressed is an excellent service. My package arrived at my hotel in advance,
clear instructions, easy use.  Definitely made my travel more manageable.
My milk arrived home in less than 24 hours and was more than adequately chilled.
Dad and baby were pleased. Communication was excellent.”

“Milk Expressed is exactly the type of service working moms need —
a convenient and reliable way ship milk home.”

Two years ago I was that brand new Mom balancing a baby and a career in tech that I loved … and a project that had domestic and international travel.  The logistics were overwhelming even though my manager was supportive and I did everything I could think of, from taking road trips and pumping while driving, to drastically shortening trips.  And there were still times when I had to pump & dump.

I kept on thinking there had to be a better way.  That’s why I started Milk Expressed.

I’m committed to helping nursing women thrive at work and as Moms.  I’m excited to use my business expertise to grow Milk Expressed.  Prior to starting the company, I spent half a decade developing and marketing products to make everyday life easier for families, launching products for iRobot and Gorton’s Seafood. I’m thrilled to scale Milk Expressed by working with the best partners in fulfillment, shipping, sales, and marketing.

You can read my full story on starting Milk Expressed here.

I have an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and a History degree from Princeton University.  Prior to starting a career in business, I was a TV news producer with NBC News and MSNBC in Washington, DC and New York City.

I live outside of Boston with my husband, my 2.5 year-old daughter, and dog.  I love coffee, big band music, singing, dark chocolate, and new adventures.