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Personalised, transparent and democratised health care supported by AI.
Your health in your hands, your language, your preferences!.

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Project Description

  • Medai/ Your Health in Your Hands

    AI powered Diagnostics and Intelligent intuitive Solutions

    Overview - The Quick Pitch


    MedAi provides  state of the art cloud based digital solutions designed by doctors for doctors and patients. Medai: Your Health in Your Hands!


    Our Advantages


    Fully automated smart workflows, AI supported Diagnostics and case complexity classification, Maximised data leverage, automated reports, facilitated research.


    Possible Integrables:

    Improved, automated invoicing. Improved workflows, with possibility to direct connection to insurances.

    The Problem

  • 21.5 Million foreigners live in Germany: The majority suffer from filing medical documents in their own language. 
  • Diagnostic accuracy is the core of good medical treatment, its quality can be affected by fatigue, inconsistencies and unintentional incompleteness.
  • Lack of Data Strategies: is handicapping the medical field from benefiting from the massive amount of data available. 
  • Our Solutions

  • Medai starts with the correct Anamnesis, making understanding patients complaints the core of the good treatment again. Fill your medical documents in your own language, and your doctor will be able to read it in his. 
  • Leverages AI for improved diagnostics (Build solutions: Pain Draw, Orthico). 
  • Data Engineering and structuring as a structural inseparable part to facilitate research (Auxilia). 
  • Agile, lean, user oriented all in 1 solution. 
  • Efficient, automated processes that make it  less staff dependent. 
  • Automated statistics, medical reports,  and diagnosis based therapy plans.
  • Provided Value

  • Saves Doctors 30 mins Per Patient, on average. ​
  • Saves Patients: at least 1 doctor visit, and 20-30 Minutes on average. ​
  • Reduces Costs: By automating tasks (for example generating physician reports) and minimising unnecessary work craft overload: A receptionist workload is reduced by 30%, same applies to “Abrechnung” Invoicing. ​
  • Enhances Diagnostic by leveraging AI, and smart decision trees and forests.
  • Our Users/ Targeted Customers

    B2B: Dentists, Doctors, Physiotherapists, University Clinics, Insurance Companies..

    B2C: Planned at a later stage, for an enhanced experience. 



    Currently we have 6 Main developed Solutions , all developed via strategic  cooperations with renowned universities.  


    Medicos: Sharing Medical Documents with patients via mail/ QR code Scan:
    Your Medical Records, Your language, Precise Pain Capturing. AI Supported Pain quantification Model

    Partner: University of Umea Sweden, current discussions for a potential cooperation with Malmoe.
    Development Phase: MVP. Diagnostic Accuracy 100%.

    Users: Universities, doctors, dentists,  psychologists, physiotherapists, patients. 


    DC-TMD Diagnostic Tool: Providing immediate diagnosis for Patients:

    Partner: Gaevle Research Center, previously University of Würzburg.

    Development Phase: MVP. Diagnostic Accuracy 100%.

    Users: Universities, dentists, physiotherapists. 


    Orthico: Immediate AI Powered Orthodontic Case Complexity Evaluation: 

    Cooperation Partner: University of Zurich

    Development Phase: POC. Diagnostic Accuracy 88%.

    Users: Universities, dentists, orthodontists, insurances.

    Financial Highlights

  • Current Funding Stage: Preseed:
  • 3 Years earning Projections: 11.3 mio (based on primary market analysis status 2021, whereas the AI-Diagnostics market size is increasing exponentially yearly). 
  • A breakeven is expected in 1.5  years.
  • Investors will be repaid via equity shares.
  • The ask


    Investment and Strategic Cooperations.

     The Funding will be used to: 

  1. Register a company in Germany.. 
  2. Licence as a Medical Software.
  3. Adding additional languages: Japanese, Turkish, Arabic...etc.
  4. Hire Sales and Customer Care: Customer Acquisition, training and sales.


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