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mbody is an early-stage start-up that will create made-to-measure bras fit to the unique dimensions of each customer.

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Project Description




Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 5.18.43 PMJust ask any woman. We asked hundreds: What, specifically, is frustrating about shopping for a new bra? The most common answer was “Everything.” When we dug a little deeper, we learned that these pain points range from momentarily annoying, to a lasting feeling of frustration, desperation, and self-doubt.

The shopping struggle really comes down to finding fit. Almost every woman we’ve spoken to believes that she has a uniquely difficult time finding fit…but the difficulty is not unique at all. Women across the size spectrum share the same struggle.

The struggle to find fit is not a shopping problem; it’s a sizing problem.

The traditional sizing convention is based on standard proportions:
1) Cup to band 2) Cup width to cup volume. Women’s bodies and busts, however, do not exist in standard proportions. Any woman whose body falls outside these standard proportions has to make compromises on fit.

The only woman whose dimensions are perfectly fit by standard bra sizing proportions
is the fit model for whom it was made.

Rather than search for best-fit among standard sizes, mbody will turn every woman into her own fit model by creating bras to fit the unique size and shape of each customer.



We’re taking a forward-thinking approach to this problem; the technology we are using is cutting-edge and getting more sophisticated every day. Making custom-fit a reality means making an investment in product development.

Phase 1 (underway): Material Selection and Sourcing – product development process has begun with our textile engineering partners, Michelle Letendre (formerly of Patagonia and Nike) and Stephanie Rodgers (formerly of Microsoft).

Phase 2 : Pattern Development and Bra Construction – will directly follow, culminating in a full prototype. The funding goal we set here will cover costs associated with access to the equipment and materials we need to get to our first prototype. Funds raised over and above the goal will help us proceed with our full product development process and move us closer to custom-fit bras.

We’re 2 MBAs and 2 Textile Engineers on a mission.

For us: We need your help to get to prototype. With prototype in hand, we can move forward to the next stage of building the business.

For you (or a woman in your life): Your contribution will help us make a better bra. The days of bra fit frustration are soon to be behind you (or her)!

For women: You will be helping to eliminate a point of comparison that too often makes women feel like their bodies are weird or wrong. Every contribution comes with the mbody team’s eternal gratitude and the satisfaction of knowing that you are empowering women to wear their dimensions proudly.


Many of our rewards can’t be captured in a photo…for our full list of available rewards, please see descriptions in upper-right margin.



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