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Mākhers Studio LLC

Mākhers Studio LLC is a civic manufacturing studio and design-build firm. We design, build and deploy modular shipping container spaces.

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Project Description



We deploy small neighborhood manufacturing centers where we design-build modular shipping containers for residential, commercial, and community spaces. These centers, located in underserved communities, allow us to hire locally so residents can build and own the change they want to see.


Our Response to COVID-19

We support local, regional, state and federal needs by building MedPods, our modular container clinics and housing units. With key healthcare partners we build and rapidly deploy multiple clinics, micro-hospital Pods and ‘on-demand’ housing.


The Problem We are Solving

Underserved communities do not perform as high-value economic drivers because they lack both the infrastructure to build and the tools to sustain wealth, therefore exacerbating economic and social inequalities. We believe that local low-tech manufacturing can transition residents from consumers into high-growth producers in these communities.


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