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A community for girls who love sports, giving them direct access to the stories of the top women in sports #TheFutureofSportsisGirls

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Project Description

The mission of Major League Girls is to empower girls to live passionately on and off the field


I am a former professional athlete, who played golf on the LPGA. During the last three years, I have made it my primary focus to highlight women in sports, with my writing featured in ESPN, VICE, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Salon, and Complex, and with a produced post with NPR’s Only A Game series 

Currently, women’s sports receives less than 5% coverage in print and television. This poor coverage is in spite of the fact that close to 30 million girls play sports in the United States! This highlights the importance of giving these young girls someone they can relate to and draw inspiration from. While online media has given some space to dedicate storytelling to women athletes, the content is geared towards an older audience, not giving much thought to the type of content younger girls who love and play sports desire and want. This highlights the importance of giving these young girls someone they can relate to and draw inspiration from.

And this is where Major League Girls comes in.


With your help, we can provide video content and written content that girls between the ages of 13-18 would love to share with their friends and feel engaged in. They will also be able to connect with their favorite professional female athletes by writing in questions that will be directly answered by their sports heroes, like tennis legend Serena Williams or WNBA star Breanna Stewart. In addition, this space will be a place where parents can come to learn how to help their daughters through challenges that they will face as a young athlete, and as a young person in general. And studies suggest we should be encouraging girls to play sports, as research has shown that girls who play have better self-confidence, perform better in school, and have overall better health and wellness. It can also set them up for the future to become a leader, as a recent study showed that 65% of the most powerful women in business played sports.

I am currently looking to raise $10k for the cost of building the website (visit here!) and to pay content writers. We will also use the funds to create an age-appropriate video series for girls who love sports. Overall, this campaign will allow me to go to investors with a product to show them a better idea of what vision of Major League Girls is.

Thank you for your support and remember: #TheFutureofSportsisGirls

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