Long-legged Jeans – Pilot Project

I hate shopping for pants! So do my younger and older long-legged friends.

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Project Description

I hate shopping for pants! So do my younger and older long-legged friends. “Go in the ‘Tall’ section!” is what we’re told.

Same style as the regular pants? Nah!

This is why we’re launching this pilot project. Keeping it simple for a start. We will keep building upon it as we go. Hey, join us on this adventure!!!

Yes, there are several stores that have made effort to avail jeans (and pants) for women with long legs. However, most of the time when we head to to this section, we rarely find the same style pants that we saw in the  regular section. If one is lucky enough to get a real stylish pair that fits, they are most likely more pricey.

NationJC Inc. wants to make this dream a reality for women facing this problem.

  • The pants will just have a little extra length to them (on legs) . The rest of the dimensions will be standard size.
  • We want to work with ‘limited edition’ styles.
  • First, we create a design via our talented design artists.
  • We send the design to the makers to produce the items.
  • Then we will advertise for pre-sale orders during production.
  • We only make so many pairs for that particular design (based on pre-sale orders)
  • We would like to retire it, but if there’s so much demand, we will rest it for a while and bring it back.
  • For every new style/design we will make a limited amount.
  • We plan to use some of our proceeds per production/sale cycle to potential entrepreneurs that need the simplest things like paying for their initial small business website’s design, incorporation costs, logo design costs, certificate business skills trainings and the like. This we plan to do via our “MypyjamaProject” campaign. Such are things that very few funders are willing to provide to someone who has not been in business before, yet they could be the only little obstacle in the way of a potential entrepreneur.