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LGBTQ owned mushroom cafe ready to expand!

We are America’s first mushroom cafe. We are an alcohol free plant bar, creating a buzz without the booze. Help us expand!

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Project Description

Hey there! We are Taylon and Aislinn (yes, they rhyme) and we recently have opened "The Pot Stirred" a alcohol free plant bar and mushroom cafe. 

Taylon and Aislinn


We are a 100% woman and lgbtq owned mushroom cafe and plant bar in downtown Asheville. 

We are trying to create more alcohol free community spaces for people who want to be social but are trying to avoid alcohol.…

We have found mushrooms are amazing for your Heath and your brain. We infuse our drinks with mushrooms and other herbs that make the body feel elevated.  All our drinks are served with a side "Moon Shroom." We are growing our mushrooms ourselves in our back lab and are trying to build a bigger grow space in the back.  

The Pot Stirred

Our Mood Boost capsules combine the powerful cognitive enhancing compounds in Lions manes with herbs which targets and reduces anxiety and inflammation without the sleepy side affects sometimes found in CBD. Mood Boost capsules are formulated for those needing a cognitive boost at work, a relaxed focus for creative flow, or stress relief for a busy schedule

Immune Magic Boost combines the immune boosting compounds in Reishi and Chaga mushrooms with the overall calming effects of CBD to provide powerful support for both your body and mind. Take as needed for immunity and relief.




We would like to expand our brand into a mobile mushroom pop up that can go to festivals and weddings. We are currently looking to upgrade our coffee machine, and build out a camper and hire more staff. We have self funded this entire operation and would love to continue to grow with your help. 

<3 Taylon and Aislinn



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are these "trippy" mushrooms? 

No, these are all legal non-psychoactive medical mushrooms that have health benefits. 




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