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Let’s Hoagie at Magic City Hoagies!

We are looking to reconfigure & outfit our back kitchen in order to sustain the high demand that delivery has brought on due to the pandemic

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Project Description


Magic City Hoagies in Minot, ND delivers “The Best Darn Hoagies in Town”!  Don’t just take our word for it as we have been rated the best sandwich shop by numerous third-party groups over the years.  We are very proud to offer our delicious freshly sliced meats, cheeses and veggies with our authentic hoagie rolls made to order and totally customizable creations with zippy sauces and unique toppings right in front of you and now delivered to your door!  Only issue is since the pandemic we have had a hard time fulfilling all of our orders since we have no dedicated space to get you your delicious Hoagies when you want them.  We are looking to retrofit our back kitchen area and dedicate a separate area in order to maximize our limited space and make sure we dedicate as much care to your delivery as we would if you were in our store.  We look forward to campaigning this effort and to try to get this done by the end of a year since we live in North Dakota where it can become bitter cold and deliveries are going to be something will be in embracing moving forward for the future of our business.  Since delivery was never in our original business plan yet we had to pivot last year and our customers loved that we finally gave them what they have been asking for and wanted for years!  Now I t’s our job to make sure that we do it properly.  Thank you for supporting our campaign and we look forward to serving you the best darn hoagies in the entire state!

The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where is the money going?  
    We are looking to purchase a brand new sandwich board, slicer and a second iPad to connect to the back kitchen area so when we have delivery/catering orders coming in during high volume times that we will be able to access those deliveries in a separate area from the front line so we can take care of those and our in-store customers simultaneously and not be interrupted by making in store customers wait during the busy lunch rush.
  • Why now and not before?
    It was never in our business plan to offer delivery except for catering however since pandemic we have adapted and pivoted our business to now offer personal delivery now however we are so small of a shop 1450 total sq. feet that we have been unable to set up proper dedicated spaces and efficient systems since we do not have the area and equipment ready to go to fulfill the high demand.





Monetary Contribution
Monetary Contribution