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Keep Villa Mexico Cafe OPEN

To keep eating the Best Burrito in Boston!

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Hi my friends,
It's Momma King here writing to you. Thank you for visiting this page.

My dears, things are tough these days for restaurants, if you've heard about us you know we asked for donated first responders meals to still get business and bring food to those who most deserve it. In addition we continued the takeout and delivery service that the City of Boston has allowed restaurants to do, doing our own deliveries to avoid third-party fees.

Still, it was not enough. We began asking for donations through our website,, to "adopt" an employee's wages or buy a "virtual burrito." We are staying open with limited hours so that our team can still earn something. 

What is coming in for sales is less that what is coming out as expenses, not just in payroll but in food purchases and utilities. 

A friend of our ours directed us to I Fund Women, and while do have request for donations on our website, we figured it would be worth a shot to try here too. Overall, any and all funds raised will essentially help us stay in business. 

For reference, most small independent restaurants like us cost A LOT more than what you'd imagine to stay open for business. Here's a basic look at our recurring monthly expenses: 
Rent and business loans: $15,000
Payroll: $14,000
Utilities: $4,000
Produce and supplies: $8,000
Quarterly expenses: $3,000

Every month, it takes between $40-$45,000 to keep our doors open and our team employed. We have managed to pay some of our bills, but at the rate we are going we will not make it until July and we will have no backup to come back to business whenever we can come back "to normal." We have already used up our savings and the PPP money we're applicable for to stay afloat. 

If you can help give anything, it WILL help. If you can share this effort on social media to raise awareness, it will help too. What we've come to realize and accept is that our communities, our customers, will keep us open. Our burden of survival has been placed on our customers, and while we know that is not fair, we need you. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What will these funds be used for? All of the money raised will be used directly to pay for our: rent, overdue business loan, COVID reopening safety needs, and payroll. 
  • Will any of these funds go to your workers? At the moment, we do not know how much of the funds will go to them, but yes. We need money to be able to continue paying them, but our monthly expenses also need to be funded. 
  • Are any of my donations tax-exempt? Unfortunately not, we are not a nonprofit we are a for-profit business. 



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