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Katisha Kaptures

Empowering young athletes, preserving achievements & fostering a positive sports culture within the community through the art of photography

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Project Description

Introduction and Background:

As a youth sports photographer, our primary objective is to capture and preserve the memorable moments and emotions experienced by young athletes during their sporting events. Our photographs not only serve as cherished mementos for families, but they also play a crucial role in promoting community engagement, fostering team spirit, and encouraging youth participation in sports activities. There will also be special focus on the young female athletes coming up as there is a great movement for equality in “girls can play to”. 

Project Description:

We have outlined a comprehensive project to address the growing needs of our organization and maximize the positive influence we can have on the youth sports community. The main elements of our project include:

1. Equipment Upgrade and Maintenance:

To provide the highest quality photographs, we require modern camera equipment and accessories. This grant funding will help us upgrade our existing cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and other accessories necessary to capture stunning and professional-grade images. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be allocated to the maintenance and repair of our equipment, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

2. Training and Development:

To enhance our photography skills and keep up with the latest industry trends, we aim to invest in training programs and workshops. This will enable us to refine our techniques, expand our creative vision, and stay updated with emerging technologies and editing software. Ultimately, this investment will contribute to the overall quality and artistic value of our photographs.

3. Outreach and Community Engagement:

We understand the importance of engaging the community in our endeavors. This grant funding will support the development of outreach programs, such as hosting photography exhibitions and organizing interactive workshops for young aspiring photographers. By involving the community, we aim to inspire the next generation of sports photographers and foster an appreciation for both sports and art.

4. Marketing and Promotion:

To reach a wider audience and attract potential clients, we require assistance with marketing and promotional activities. This funding will enable us to develop a professional website, create marketing materials, and implement targeted advertising campaigns. These efforts will not only expand our client base but also increase awareness of the positive impact youth sports photography can have on young athletes and their families.


By investing in our youth sports photography organization, you will be supporting the empowerment of young athletes, preserving their achievements, and fostering a positive sports culture within our community. We believe that through your generous contribution, we can continue to capture timeless moments that inspire, motivate, and bring joy to countless families and inspire the children of our country to continue to do great things and also be a positive motivating force in the lives of others.

I want to thank you personally for taking the time to review and read about my photography business, goals and ideas.  I am a single mother of 5 children who also play sports and are learning and helping and getting inspired as well.  This is bigger than just us, it about the kids and the community and their futures. 


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