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Jumpstart a Mothers LEGACY

Building a profitable business. Becoming unstuck as a female entrepreneur, mother and leader.

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    🔸My business is called "Neat Freakz" focused on "living neater."

    My mission is to create neater living spaces for Investors. 

    From unique Airbnb experiences to overwhelmed Mothers who need relief. Creating "Neater Living" as a lifestyle


    The problem i feel i am solving is.. 

    Peace of mind & more clarity in investments. A intimate vacation rental property experience for multi-property investors.  

    Creating increase in jobs and enhancing woman leadership.  

    🔸The market for reliable trustworthy cleaning is limitless. 

    Vast. Endless and always in demand. 

    Every vacation rental must have a dependable, trustworthy cleaner. Every cleaner needs a space to clean & polish. 

    The vacation rental suffers immensely with the cleaner missing. 


    My current small business  is focused on neater vacation rental/home craft.

    Piece of mind for investors knowing the rental is detailed to the utmost standards. Smoother transactions with a trusted source. 

    Helping Mothers and families have more time together. Teaching families neater maintenance at home. 

    Peace of mind cleaning to the utmost standards. 

    Smoother transactions with a trusted source.

    🔸I am seeking funding to become unstuck. Jumpstarting a legacy for my 3 daughters. I would like to level up and scale my business. 

The main goal with growth is to develop and invest in real estate. 

I am in a stuck position on a sole income. Becoming unstuck as a female entrepreneur, mother and leader.

My goal is to create a solid foundation for my children to grow and thrive. Helping  them reach higher to achieve their dreams. Enhancing woman leadership is essential. 

🔸My current team is my daughters and I. I would love to have the opportunity to expand. 

Cleaning is crucial for business, investors & families. It is a business that will always be in demand.   

Thank you for helping me reach my dreams! I deeply appreciate your time and efforts. 



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