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Improving patient experience

Join us in empowering patients and healthcare systems by providing the information they need when they need it.

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When a patient visits the doctor, a multitude of information is captured and stored in electronic format – diagnosis, symptoms, drugs prescribed, as well as basic info like height, weight, and blood type. In a perfect world, that information would be accessible to every other provider and medical institution that the patient might visit. Currently, that’s rarely the case, and the reason is a lack of interoperability – the inability of different healthcare information systems to communicate and share information.

The healthcare industry is overrun with health information technology (HIT) systems — EHRs (electronic health records), billing software, various portals for every payer and individual medical tools that each have their own interfaces. Many of these technologies can’t work together due to siloed data and regulatory requirements. A lack of integrated EHRs hurts patient experience across the board.

That’s where interoperability can make an impact. Interoperability solutions in healthcare are the key to solving some of the industry’s most challenging hurdles and promise to reduce the cost of care at an exponential rate. Our mission is to empower patients and healthcare systems by providing the information they need when they need it.

CHIM is a family owned and operated company, 100% certified woman owned, and designated as a small business. Our leadership has 30 years of experience within the Revenue Cycle Management Industry with 10+ years of coding, auditing, billing compliance, staff and physician education. CHIM provides a single-vendor revenue cycle management platform that will consolidate all healthcare data into one place, allowing revenue cycle management teams to reduce their technology stacks to just one, unified platform creating the following benefits:

  • Increased Healthcare Efficiency- Patients must often do administrative tasks like search for documents, fill out multiple forms, re-explain their symptoms or medical history and sort out insurance (both before and often after receiving care). Our solution can vastly improve this process, giving patients faster, more accurate and coordinated treatment and enhancing their overall experience by improving healthcare providers’ efficiency.
  • Reduces the Cost of Care- When our solution is scaled across a health system, care delivery is streamlined, and financial performance is amplified. Giving clinicians the information they need enables them to better coordinate care and reduce the healthcare costs to patients.
  • Empowers Patients and Families- With up-to-date patient data at their fingertips, providers, patients and caregivers can make fully informed care decisions. People who have access to their own medical history and records can make more informed clinical decisions and become more empowered participants in their own care.
  • Protects Patient Data Security- Patients trust their providers to keep clinical data secure. As the number of cybersecurity attacks on healthcare organizations increases, providers are balancing the need for patient health data to be accessible with the need to maintain patient privacy. Our solution ensures data is shared appropriately and securely- the fewer healthcare workers who manually update patient data, the less chance there is of exposure to security threats.

Our unified revenue management platform not only improves the financial health of an organization, but the health of its community. By unifying the front-, middle-, and back-end processes, patients enjoy a much more holistic experience and healthcare organizations can focus on what matters: patient care.

Year after year roughly 2% of Venture Capital investments go to companies solely founded by women. This is why we need your help. Every contribution small or big counts, and with your support, we will be able to obtain additional human capital and resources in order to continue to develop and expand our software and solutions so we can continue working towards improving healthcare processes and patient care. Thank you in advance for your support.


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