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High Desert Fence Co.

Female licensed fencing contractor in the White Mountains of Arizona, helping build stronger communities.

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I left San Diego during Covid because as an Accountant, I could see how the rising prices were going to create financial instability and was excited to find a property in this small rural town. But I came with big city ideas (and big city money) that quickly dissipated with any attempt to fit the square peg in the round hole. So I began talking to the locals. I got a high end real estate developer as an accounting client and saw his need for a fencing contractor. I began to look and I found there was only 1 other company and it was three hours away. I did my research and studied for a few months and passed my tests! I have a company that did small jobs, mostly demolition and hauling, in California, plus numerous clients that I did accounting and administrative work for in the contruction industry, so I am fluent with construction business management. I spoke with the local probation office and rehabilitation centers to allow restricted persons the ability to labor and learn through a state sponsored work program. Fencing is a job skill that just about anyone can learn and there is so much work available, there will always be a constant demand. So the business is really about building better communities by providing work to laborers and building the fences needed. I already took the tests and background check, I paid for the surety bond, and have a crew of 4 guys anxiously waiting to work. I can't do anything over $1000 job with out this license. I'd also like to get a bit of equipment to loan to my employees and help teach some of these guys that don't have another skill to contribute to society. I'm looking for $15,000 to get started. Anything helps. God bless. 


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Female Owner, single mom

Entrepeneur with an accounting buisness and a non profit on a eco retreat in Panama

Special Education for Rehabilitation laborers

Looking to build a better community through basic needs, and solutions




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Just Because I Care

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