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HidraWear - HS Wound Management

Effective wound management for hidradenitis suppurativa, created by patients, for patients.

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Project Description

Visa Ireland Grant Recipient


Mission Statement

HidraMed Solutions – A patient led and patient focused company, developing the next generation of adhesive free wound care for people living with chronic wounds.

At HidraMed, we use our skills and experience to address patient needs and to make a genuine contribution to improving patients’ quality of life.

The Problem with HS Wound Care

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

• Presents after puberty with an average diagnosis pathway of >8 years (Irish Skin Foundation)

• Frequently misdiagnosed due to lack of clinical awareness (Doufour DN, 2014)

• Causes deep seated, painful skin lesions, tunnelling tracts, and wounds

• Affects the armpits, groin, thigh, and buttocks

• Causes irreversible skin damage

• Causes high levels of patient pain, distress, and despair (Kouris, 2016)

• Patients at higher risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide (Thorlacius, 2018)

HS lesions constantly weep exudate and continuously drain, requiring regular and indefinite wound dressings (average of 3/day). The most commonly used dressing is an adhesive dressing, which quickly leak or fall off the affected areas. The constant application and removal of adhesives further damages the already inflamed and painful skin . Today, HS patients are using over the counter generic dressings that are not fit for purpose. There are no HS specific wound care dressing products available, and patients and clinicians alike agree that HS patients’ needs are not being met by current wound dressing options. 


The clinically agreed prevalence of HS is 1% of the general population. Of these, >90% require regular wound management.

  • 80% are affected in the axilla
  • >90% are affected in the groin or thigh
  • 60% are affected in the buttocks and genitals

Solving The Problem - HidraWear

Hidramed Solutions has developed and protected a 3-part wound care kit, HidraWear, that dramatically improves the wound care routine for HS patients.


HidraWear USP’s

  • Effectively absorbs and retains exudate
  • Provides adhesive free dressing fixation
  • Provides secure dressing retention
  • Is easy to apply, adjust and remove
  • Provides comfort and confidence to users
  • Reduces dressing related pain
  • Saves time – quick to use
  • Improves quality of life 

Funding Requirements

HidraMed has a funding requirement to expand the dressing range and release the range of new products into the US and European markets through our direct to consumer model, and through reimbursement channels to include insurance and health services. Funding will go towards tooling costs for new dressing products. 

  Core Team

Suzanne Moloney, Founder and CEO

As an HS patient, Suzanne has extensive first-hand experience of HS and treatment pathways available to patients. Her experience is incorporated into product designs and pipeline products, and various awareness and advocacy campaigns. Suzanne has won numerous awards for her work with HidraMed Solutions including: - Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn Award (2018) - Innovate Award – DBIC (2018) - Awarded Enterprise Ireland CSF (2018) - EIT Health Head Start Award (2018) - Irish Times Innovation Award (2020) – Journal of Wound Care Awards (2019 and 2021).  

Conan Cavanagh, COO

Conan is responsible for operations and business development. He has extensive experience in company leadership roles having formerly been in senior management for a major orthopaedics, sports medicine, and wound therapy manufacturer. 

Laura Garvey, QARA Manager

Laura has worked in R&D, Regulatory, Clinical and Quality roles within start-up and multi-national companies across all classifications of devices for over 15 years.  Her areas of speciality include design assurance, clinical evaluation, technical file, design dossier preparation and biological evaluation. 

Damien Kenny, Customer Care and Demand Manager

Damien has over 10 years of experience in management and customer engagement and support from various roles.  Damien is responsible for inside sales, customer communication and coordinating inventory fulfilment and planning.


Thank you for reading through our campaign and for your support. HidraMed is very grateful for the support, encouragement, advice and funding received to help us achieve our goal of becoming the number one wound dressing products for HS and other chronic wounds. 


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