Her Data Method

An Online Course that Teaches Women How to Build a Data Collection Framework

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Project Description

Her Data Method H2 The Problem

Since we started the Virtual Collective three years ago, we’ve heard many of our clients struggle with the same problem: they know that customer data matters, but they don’t know how to collect it, so they skip this all-important task. They seek our help in brand development and marketing efforts, but they haven’t done the foundational work of data collection that is needed to create successful marketing campaigns and branding efforts … it’s wasted time and money for everyone. Without a data collection framework, business owners are effectively trying to grow their business with a blindfold on instead of moving confidently forward with a clear vision.

Her Data Method H2 The Solution

Her Data Method is an online course that teaches women business owners how to build a data collection framework, which allows them to make smart, data-driven decisions tailored to their business.


Her Data Method H2 Our Vision

Why a course just for women? Because the world needs more women running businesses and solving problems, and we want to help equip them to succeed in doing just that by teaching them how to gather real world data to help guide smart decisions.

Her Data Method H2 Course Details

Her Data Method helps women build a basic framework to start collecting data in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their business. Before putting the money into high-cost marketing campaigns and brand-building efforts (and tossing around phrases like “local SEO,” “PPC campaign,” and “content strategy”), they MUST have some basic fundamental data in hand to help drive those costly efforts. A solid understanding of things like customer profile(s), relevant keyword research and value proposition is imperative before anything else, especially in the digital age.

Creating this data collection infrastructure provides women business owners with a basic starting point to collect data and help them get to know their customers in ways they never imagined. They had the courage to start their business, and Her Data Method can help them thrive. The saying is knowledge is power, and that’s the essence of what drives our course.

Her Data Method H2 What We NeedHER DATA METHOD (4)

To build this course we need to raise $5,000. All funds will be used to pay for:

  • Development and design of the online course platform
  • Content creation
  • Course distribution

Her Data Method H2 Our Team

The Nashville portion of our kickass Virtual Collective team of data-loving, women-business-supporting contractors: Justin Mulvaney (audio/video), Rachel Collins (makeup), Shannon Ware, Melody Jennings Bowers, Tessa Richardson (photography), Andy Derrick (concept collaboration, copywriting, video assistant). Not pictured: Kevin Murray (web development/design)

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