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Grants for Women in Business

Supporting women entrepreneurs as they seek and find success without sacrificing their mental & emotional health.

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Project Description

Women Funding Women started as an idea and grew into a board of directors and a beautifully diverse community that transcends industry and back and aims to tackle several, if not all, of the issues American women entrepreneurs face while building and scaling their businesses. To do this, we advocate for and rally behind the women who understand how important it is to be a resource to their community. 


It is our mission to prove that the same determination, intelligence, and ambition each woman possesses, when multiplied by a community of like-minded women, will do more than just move mountains. It will change life as women entrepreneurs live it by making capital and other resources more accessible as well as creating a growing population of collaboration and wellness-minded women who give and grow together.

Our grants will cover the cost of traditional business and education expenses as well as the cost of therapy, coaching, and other wellness and advancement items. because we know that the success of your business depends on you. Not just your equipment and your marketing budget. But how prepared you are to cope, solve problems, and pivot when the moment calls for it. How confident you are in yourself and your ability.  How resilient you are. Without these things, the most advanced equipment in the world means nothing.


With your help Women Funding Women's 1st award year (2022) will be more than we dreamed.  With the money raised we will

  • Award a minimum of one grant of $1000.00 or more on May 21st, 2022.
  • Increase our marketing budget to spread the word about a mission that challenges ambitious women to give as good as they get 
  • Organize & execute a gala event to celebrate women entrepreneurs and raise money for future grants


Thank you for supporting the dreams of the women who run the world. Because of you, we don't have to sacrifice our mental and emotional health to find success. 


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