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With God all things are Possible

Start each day by approaching it with Pray and Love . With this begin the month of February this is the month of Love. Commune with God .

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Project Description

  • The Mission of SuchaLady Trucking is to employ and provide excellent customer service and jobs for the unemployed.
  • I'm trying to land Contracts with the city of chicago and i need to buy the license for the contract and bid on these contracts but i need certain types of business license.
  • The Market size of the trucking industry is over 3 billion and always has plenty of job opportunities.
  • My Company provides the transportation from different warehouses to another.
  • Beginning a New Business there are a lot of obstacles But i'm trying to stay afloat with the rising cost. 
  • I truly would appreciate any help or donations that a company is willing to do for my company. God help those who help their self.


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