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Fight Juice

Our Mission: Improve the health of our communities by building stronger immune systems & an appetite for fresh food in our children.

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Project Description

At Fight Juice we believe the fight against illness begins with what we eat. We can create long-term improvements in the overall health of underserved communities by building stronger immune systems and an appetite for fresh food in our children. Our goal is to donate one juice to a child for every juice sold, until there is a Fight Juice in every lunch box! 

Today 90% of children aren’t eating enough vegetables. Childhood obesity is especially high in low-income communities. Growing up in DC's Ward 7 food desert, company founder Ivy Armstrong understands that early access to healthy food matters and can shape one’s health for a lifetime. This is why Fight Juice is made by blending whole fruits and vegetables to include all the nutrients and fiber traditional juices leave behind, as if a child were eating the raw produce. For many children in lower income communities, these are the only vegetables they will consume all day. If they drink one or even two juices at school, we’re making a big impact by supporting their bodies and minds in health and education.

School demos as part of the Fight Juice nutrition program


Blended is better!

Our blending method helps kids eat their vegetables AND solves the problem of the cold-pressed juice. 


Fiber content in blended vs cold-pressed juice.

When water and sugar are pressed from the fruit or vegetable leaving the nutritious fiber behind, blood sugar spikes and a mountain of food waste is created. Blending whole entire fruits and vegetables makes Fight Juice a zero food waste product and makes it easier for all people to get the servings of raw vegetables we’re missing.


How will we spend the money?

This funding capital we raise will enable us to continue meeting our growing demand and in turn, donate more and more juice! We hope to reach our goal of one juice donated for every juice sold by 2022 and our goal of full sustainability by 2023. This requires additional equipment and working space.



Fight Juice is about community. We purposefully source nutrient dense produce from local farmers and growers to create a circle of support between customers, local farmers and school children.

Ivy Armstrong with Gale Livingstone owner/operator of Deep Roots Farm, Upper Marlboro MD.

Fun Fact: Most of our all female team are third generation Washingtonians. 


We're so grateful for the farmers who put love and sweat into growing the ingredients that make Fight Juice a source of nourishment for our community. Toigo Orchards, Deep Roots Farm, Gardeners Gourmet, Little Wild Things City Farm, Garner's Produce, Spring Valley Farm- Thank you all for your continued hard work and support!


We’re proud of our partnerships with DC area schools, organizations and businesses including, DC Bridge Park, Maya Angelou Public Charter School, Savoy Elementary School, Academy of Hope Public Charter School, Capital Area Food Bank, Eastern Market, FRESHFARM and Arc’Teryx Clothing company. Thank you for your support of our mission!


School children play food games as part of the Fight Juice nutrition program.



The Campaign FAQs


Is Fight Juice a non-profit?

Fight Juice is a social business enterprise, which means we are for profit but driven by our social mission of improved community health through children. 


Is Fight Juice a Black-owned business?

Yes, Fight Juice is a Black, woman owned business. 


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