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Extremist Feminist '7 Series' Talks

Celebrating, Promoting and Empowering Women & Girls Globally

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Project Description

  • My ultimate focus is to Celebrate, Promote and Empower Women & Girls Globally
  • My strategy is to expand the reach of the core Extremist Feminist principles while orchestrating a portfolio of project streams to include events and activation for the interests of Women & Girls.
  • Our market size is 50% of the World Population
  • EF is a pro female endeavour For Women, By Women 
  • We seek funding to partially seed our start-up activity; marketing campaign and venue deposit for ticketed events May/June/July 
  • Our Team is Kirsty, Rachel, Maria & Isis
  • We all know that £1 in the hand of a man is worth £100 in the hand of a Woman! 

    My appreciation for the solidarity and support of those I work to promote is an exquisite joy. I thank each one with gratitude and sincerity for their donation. #thefutureisfemale


    Extremist Feminist 



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Extremist Feminism?

    EF is frontier feminism that actively celebrates, promotes and empowers women & girls globally. Women may define Our Own metrics of Accomplishment and of Worth by Our Own Right &Will. 

  • How will Women & Girls benefit from the Work?

EF is creating a portfolio of projects designed for their specific and exclusive benefit to Women & Girls. The focal objectives are to adhere to our celebrate, promote, empower ethos while investing the collective and collaborative efforts of our audiences, sponsors, vendors and supporters into improving and enhancing the lives of Women & Girls.  





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