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Empowering our NYC Youth

Hit Like a Gurl is seeking funding to bring our high-impact self-defense and boxing workshops to high schools in the tri-state area.

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Project Description

Hit Like a Gurl is dedicated to empowering high school students in New York City through self-defense and boxing classes. Our mission is to foster confidence, discipline, and physical fitness, while also building strong relationships and a sense of community among students. For the past Five years we have been providing workshops to domestic violence advocacy groups, partnering with local gyms and businesses to host workshops, hosting quarterly pop-ups in the community, and partnering with various NYC high schools to serve the youth. 

The Problem We Are Solving

In an urban environment like NYC, teens often face challenges related to personal safety, confidence, and positive community engagement. There are a lack of accessible, teen-focused programs that address these issues holistically.

Market Size and Opportunity

New York City has hundreds of high schools with thousands of students lacking access to empowering physical education like self-defense. Our program addresses this gap, presenting a significant opportunity to impact the lives of a large number of young individuals. 

About Hit Like a Gurl and our Solution: 

Hit Like a Gurl offers specialized self-defense and boxing classes, designed specifically for the physical, emotional, and social development of high school students. Our approach combines physical training with elements of discipline, confidence building, and positive relationship development. We promote deescaltion and not ever having to leverage self-defense skills - but in the event that they are faced with a challenging situation they will be confident to protect themselves. 


Why We Seek Funding and Spending Plans

  • Lease and equip a training facility. 

  • Cover the cost of t-shirts, boxing gloves and swag bags for students/workshop attendees.

  • Hire additional team members to assist with workshops and trainings. 

  • Cover the cost of programs in schools. 

  • Develop and market our program to reach more schools and students.

  • Funds will directly contribute to the establishment and growth of our high school workshops ensuring they are accessible and beneficial to a wide range of students.

Our Team

Our team comprises experienced professionals passionate about youth development and health/wellness:

  • Suzana Komanaj, Founder and CEO, with extensive experience in boxing and self-defense workshops and training.

  • Jennifer Ortiz Co-Founder and COO, extensive experience in product management and media/marketing. 

A Special Thank You to Our Backers

Your support is not just a contribution to our business, but an investment in the lives and futures of young individuals in NYC. Every dollar brings us closer to creating a safer, stronger, and more connected community. Thank you for believing in our mission and joining us on this empowering journey.


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