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Emergency Ventilator Solution // Covid19

Critical Care Emergency Ventilator Solution for a Fraction of the Cost

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Project Description

Meet the IMMEDIATE Global Demand for high function critical care ventilators in a cost-effective and efficient way


World Ventilator Demand Now 10 Times What’s Available”

- Bloomberg News, March 25, 2020


Our EVS-4 ventilator solution is the only up-conversion unit providing ventilator solutions, globally.


Funding will allow us to continue our engineering and product development and seek emergency approval with the FDA and abroad.



The Campaign FAQs

What is different from your device to others?

We are priced at a fraction of the cost of a critical care unit (10,000 per unit) with the high functionality of a 70cm oxygen total Peep - to treat 85% of all Covid19 patients, globally.

How can your device salvage ventilator solutions already purchased, globally?

Currently, we are the ONLY upconversion unit to that of Cpap and Bipap machines.  Many ventilator solutions in the world do not sustain enough oxygen pressure to help maintain a human lung.  Our conversion unit, can potentially upconvert so much inventory that essentially cannot be used to treat patients, as once thought.



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