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Photographing people and creating art in a sustainable way while giving back to the community.

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Project Description

Who, What, Why Fund Elizabeth Galecke Photography?

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Being a full-time portrait photographer in North Carolina has been a wonderful experience and I have loved being a part of my clients’ lives over the years. Seeing and photographing their children as they grow up, my brides becoming mothers, and the circle of life as it all unfolds has taught me so much. Most importantly, that connecting with people through my creativity is powerful; I have found my life’s work as well as a way to elevate my community.

I am seeking funding to keep the technology I use for my business current so that I can continue to serve my clients efficiently and provide them the best possible quality, but I’ll share more about those details later.

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My intrigue with photography began with a high school class where I first learned to use black and white film and development in the darkroom. I always loved working with people and thought that a career in child psychology would be my future. After starting college in Austin, Texas, I realized that photography would be a better choice so that I could combine working with people and my need for a creative outlet.

Three years after graduating from college with a B.A. in Photo Communications, I decided to start my own company, Elizabeth Galecke Photography. I was ready for an adventure in a new place, and after some research, found Raleigh, North Carolina to be the the place where I felt I would like to start this new business. I chose to specialize in a unique style of candid portraiture. I use black and white film and digital formats to portray my subjects who vary from children to brides to pregnant women and everyone else in between.

Every day I realize how lucky I am to be able to do what I love for my career. I love taking a client’s headshot and helping her see the beauty that others see. I love seeing children’s eyes and smiles light up when I ask them to yell “monkey poop” and then how their parents react when they receive photos that have captured their family. A client moved to tears is a very good day in my career and I am so grateful to be able to work in a field that creates positive memories:)

One of my largest commitments is giving back to the community that has helped my business become successful. I have always felt close to child-welfare causes as well as charities for women and life-threatening illness.

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Over the years I have become involved in many different organizations both as volunteer and donor. One of my largest passions has been Chix In Business, an organization I founded just after moving to Raleigh. The group has helped women grow stronger businesses, build friendships among peers in the small business network, and give back to the community through charity events.


My future goals include finding an organization to host a program similar to the one I started in Austin working with children with life-threatening illness. This plan would involve building a referral program through local hospitals to connect with children and families who would like to work with a photographer. The resulting work would be exhibited to raise funds for research, as well as provide families with images to keep.



I am also excited by my endeavors to mentor students, teach classes that combine photography and cooking (one of my other passions), and personal photography shoots of quiet landscape vignettes during my meditative walks, a project I share on Instagram that I call #EyesWideOpen. And last but not least, I enjoy planning excursions with clients who want to learn one-on-one about the creative and mindful side of photography.

By supporting me through this campaign, you will help me make these dreams possible by allowing me to upgrade my digital technology, including computer, software, camera lenses, and film scanner. Your support will also enable me to invest in additional education to help broaden my expertise and bring the vision of my creative ideas to fruition.

The funds raised will help develop a cohesive marketing campaign so I can expand my business and visibility to a wider clientele.

Best of all, your support will give a woman-owned business in your community extra strength. I pledge to pay it forward in as many ways as possible! I am proud to be a part of I Fund Women who also gives back part of their proceeds to other women in business. Please accept my gratitude for this opportunity! I can’t tell you how much I will appreciate your assistance!!   




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