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Covey Club is an online and in-person community for women who want to live their most authentic life.

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Project Description



Hi, I’m Lesley Jane Seymour, former editor in chief of many magazines you know and love, from More to Marie Claire to Redbook. I’ve spent my life helping women change the world. I believe the world can be a better place when women help women live their most authentic lives and when we connect and help each other advance. I’m all about finding and facilitating those conversations–online and in person.




CoveyClub is a membership supported online-offline experience that connects women across the country and around the world and helps them live their most authentic lives. We do this through small intimate events, salons nationwide, and with an interactive newsletter written and produced by the leading journalists in the world. These are the same award-winning editors and writers and photographers who work for Vogue, More and the New York Times. This is all original content and programming that I’m creating for women like me and you!



The world has become an over-cluttered, fragmented, confusing place with new junk cluttering your inbox every day. There is no one sorting through that junk to find you the fashion, beauty, health, travel, thought-leader news that speaks just to you. Fake news is everywhere and everything you read is either a paid endorsement or has a train of annoying ads running through it. If you’re over the age of 40, you feel suddenly invisible. Just when your world is taking off, it seems like you’ve been forgotten. CoveyClub is where women like you and me come to connect–to learn, to share, to meet, to travel together, to find out how to live more thoughtful, contented lives with a deeper engagement with those around us. It’s where you can find answers to your most intimate questions and concerns–from light things like how to dress appropriately so you look cool but don’t look like you’re trying too hard. To the hard things–like what happens to your sex life as you age and how to handle the pressures of aging parents.


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