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Your Network Is Your Net Worth. CLIQQ is the ultimate contact sharing and relationship management app to build your network with 1 click!

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Jessica Dew and I'm creating this dynamic networking and contact information exchanging app called CLiQQ. My mission is to enhance the effectiveness of sharing contact info swiftly, while aiding my generation in improving the soft skill of networking to advance in life. Also, to bridge the gap between technology and healthy in person interactions. Basically, we plan to disrupt the industry of buying business cards that just get thrown away or lost. So let me illustrate why CLiQQ is a necessity...

Have you ever been at a loud event, tried to connect with someone and had a hard time hearing them to get their correct contact information? Get home to realize you don’t even have the correct name or number?

Or maybe you've networked with a lot of people, collected many business cards, but don’t even remember why you have the card to begin with? Needless to say that gets tossed in the trash.

Or you’ve built up your contacts while networking, but confused on how to build upon these connections?

If these are problems as well, CLiQQ is here for you.


*CLIQQ, the new communicative and relationship management tool that converts new connects into meaningful relationships. With one tap of your phones, you mutually exchange your contact information with someone else, then later nurture those relationships and build up your networking soft skills. We forget, lose time, or just don’t know what to say, but CLIQQ fills up those holes of lost networking opportunities. .

*CLIQQ allows you to: Save Money: by not purchasing useless business cards; Power Network Swiftly: by using NFC and QR codes to mutually exchange contact information; Nurture Relationships through a variety of engagement prompts.

*Business Model: We have a freemium biz model with a viral engine of growth. Therefore, it's FREE for the user to utilize, but we intend to make money through upgrades, interactive Ads, and in-app purchases.

*Target Market are Millennial and Gen Z entrepreneurs, freelacers, creatives, and young professionals: Our market opportunity is large because, :

More than one-in-three American labor force participants (35%) 56 million are Millennials and Gen Z, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. w/ more than 75% by 2025.

Millennials still prefer to network and interact with traditional forms of communication including in-person meetings. Also, 1.9 billion b. cards are purchased in the US a year, but 88% of those get thrown away. 

Though our target markets are millennials and Gen Z young professionals, CLiQQ is for anyone who needs to connect more swiftly and build meaningful relationships. 

*Street Pitch Ask*

  1. Join our mailing list. Link (
  2. Join our team. (Seeking founding members, tech, advisors, & mentors)
  3. Take a LEAP OF FAITH by signing up for the Premium Version of the app for a discounted rate of $5
  4. LEAP OF FAITH: In-kind donations to help me meet my goal.


*About Me:

My background is 8 years within the entertainment industry. I worked on everything from movies, musicals, to A-list Red Carpet Events. I'm also an active member of IATSE Union (#1 Entertainment Union in the US). Through the years of being in the industry and needing to network to grow my career, I saw the need for a solution to be able to connect quickly, while also becoming a super networker and learning how build upon relationships. Instead of complain, I chose to be apart of the solution and CLiQQ was born. 

*I'm so grateful for this opportunity and your support would mean a lot. CLiQQ isn't my first startup in tech, but I've learned from my past and ready to make a product for us by us. As you may know, tech is a very capital intensive industry and therefore creates many barriers to entry; especially for a single mother with a dream. With your help, this dream will become a reality. Also, do know that when I become successful, I will give back to my community in many ways like, mentoring, creating jobs, and investing in their dreams. Paying it forward, is a main component of my business model.

Also, the creation of this social impact app will employ talented women and men developers and designers from Ghana Africa and the US. 

Before I end this pitch I want to leave you with 1 last thing: In a Network is your Net Worth kind of world, think about how easy it would be a work a room and connect swiftly and have CLIQQ is your network development buddy.

Thank You Again!!


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