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The Cactus Beauty Bar

The Cactus Beauty Bar is a selfcare beauty company that creates healing soaps, body butters, candles, deodorants and more.

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   The mission of the Cactus Beauty Bar is to create natural products that allow the skin and scalp to  heal.  Many skin types are inundated by eczema, acne, and psoriasis , just like the owner of TCBB.  Our   products will allow people to feel beautiful inside and out. We create products such as natural soaps, body butter, oils, deodorant, teas, candles and more.

      Receiving funding will allow us to grow our business.  We will be able to purchase new equipment and supplies, put items on store shelves, and advertise our shop.  Ultimately this will allow us to hire a couple of part time workers. This helps us to do our part to solve unemployment issues.  Our current team consist of my husband (financing)  and two adult children (sells & advertisement) , so we are excited to grow our team.

    We would like to THANK all of our backers for this generous and  selfless act of kindness.  Thank you for believing in us and allowing our small business  to flourish and become the thriving business we strive to be. 





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