Cachét App

A new approach to social media that utilizes augmented reality, allowing users to leave behind an interactive experience for others

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Project Description

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A social media app designed for IOS devices – Cachét’s main feature is its use of augmented reality. This allows our users to interact with the world and their friends in a deeper way, expanding well beyond current social media, by sharing invaluable experiences that provide a level of engagement that has yet to be accomplished.


EMILY VERO – Founder

At 20 years old she had her sights set on the tech industry and has been doing her diligence ever since. Emily has spent the past 5 years staying on the pulse, networking and preparing to build her own company. She has developed close relationships with a handful of respected leaders who have built and are currently running successful tech companies. There is no education in the world that can provide the knowledge she has gained through her past and continuing experiences in the company of these leaders.

Zoe Steeler – Chief Operating Officer

Zoe Steeler graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts. With a background in art organizations as well as project coordinating, she has a diverse skill set which allows her to bring a balance to the company, blending the creative with the concrete. As part of the founding executive team, Zoe heads operations, finance, and organization. Essentially she’s Cachét’s Pepper Potts.

Vlad Bahtjak  Mobile App Developer 

Vlad Bahtjak is a versatile tech developer who has tackled many different industries. With the experience that comes from building 18 different medical software systems, Vlad has the ability to create code from the ground up. After his success in that realm, Vlad took his talents to mobile development. Since then, he has built and sold iOS apps for companies world wide. Vlad is an energetic, ambitious, and personable developer who is always looking to improve software and build it right the first time.

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*Above images are (screen grabs) from functioning Cachét app (not photoshop).


  • With the touch of a button (in Cachét) Users can turn any photo, sticker, emoji or text into an AR (augmented reality) image to leave behind at their current location
  • Users can find these AR experiences through Cachét’s map feature as well as by location based notifications
  • Users can also “STAMP” locations that they like and want to share with their friends
  • Stamps will appear on users home feed as well as their map
  • Stamps will appear on friends home feed/map too
  • “AR images” and “Stamps” can be sent to a specific friend/friends/all-friends
  • To view “AR images” users must be in the “Stamped” location


As of August eighth Cachét has a working beta app, We are currently testing our app through Apple TestFlight services. Checking for any bugs and making minor design adjustments before we go to market (Launch). Cachét’s legal team is putting together a robust patent application for several of the apps features, functions and design.


Cachét is seeking $20,000.00 which will be applied towards legal fees, (patents/contracts) basic operating costs as well as server costs for six months after launch.