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Bringing Back "The Village" for Modern Motherhood

Finally support to help you shape your life the way you want to as a mother without the extremes of full-time work or home 24/7.

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Project Description

We're bringing "the Village" back to modern motherhood.  

The world has changed a lot for moms—the needs, desires, challenges and fulfillment are all the same—but the support is not.  We're here to introduce meaningful support through a membership based social club that provides flexibility, community and stability for women and in turn their families.  So, let's do something new.

Who we serve

A group we lovingly refer to as the "Full-Time Mom": stay-at-home, homeschooling/unschooling, self-employed/part-time working mothers.  It's time for you to go to an appointment, get lunch, catch up with a friend, meal prep and get time for yourself as you invest your precious time into the life you want to create according to your values.

Why is this needed?

Culture is shifting... Women deserve better than choosing between extremes.  As the saying goes ...

"You're expected to work as if you're not a mother and mother as if you don't work".  - Unknown

More Mothers are home - There's a childcare crisis in the US that is causing people to change the way they live. According to's Survey of Motherhood for 2023, about 25% of women have left the workforce due to insane childcare costs and the desire be more present in the home.  This survey also reveals that women are prioritizing sleep over a social life and say that it's too hard to maintain friendships and even health easily because of the amount of planning required for just a little bit of time.  Depending on friends and family who are juggling their own lives and schedules makes getting a few hours a week alone feel impossible.

More people are homeschooling - Even more staggering numbers reveal homeschooling has increased exponentially as more and more people lose faith in the existing systems for many unique reasons, often left without much support. Parents are taking on more direct impact in the home with their children and the direction of their lives.


How does a membership work?

Pricing ranges from $100-$800 per month depending on how many children you have and how many hours a week in child care you want (0-18hrs).

  • Eat & Drink
    Quality food and beverage is included.  The coffee and tea flows all day for mom while breakfast, snacks and lunch are available for every member who's hanging out. Don't worry about packing lunch or extra expenses!
  • Play & Study
    Children have beautiful, simple and immersive indoor and outdoor areas to explore imagination and develop skills. School age children have a library and intentionally designed areas to study or complete homeschool lessons while mom socializes, goes grocery shopping, goes to an appointment or catches up with a friend over lunch.
  • Connect & Rest
    You can take a nap—that's right! Our most celebrated offering is 3 sleeping rooms available for mom.  If you lose a night of sleep, come see us.  We are licensed and insured as regular daycare, so we have high quality staff available to care for your children while you're away or just catching some much needed Zzzs.

No more packing lunches, having to coordinate far in advance, rigid schedules, insane prices and feeling like there's nothing left for you after you do everything you strive to do for your family.

We're here Tuesday- Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm once we open, that can change once we learn how to best help you meet your family's needs.


We're seeking funding because we are full steam ahead into remodel and project completion!  We had an investor get us going to develop the brand, the website and land us a commercial building.  Now that we have the building and are in the process of construction and licensing, we need more funds to make sure we can deliver the complete experience from the moment we open the doors.  

Funds will go to finishing the remodel, interior design, playground equipment, fencing, kitchen updates and food.

Our Support so far....

My husband, my first investor, my two munchkins and this community have been my biggest supporters, my ability to be home and serve my family while also building this dream has been so intensely fulfilling.  This community is ready and waiting!  The big picture is to franchise this and get it in place to serve as many communities as possible.




THANK YOU for considering being a part of this vision! 

This is how we reshape society to serve families in a meaningful way and expand what women can do with their most precious resource—time. 


The Campaign FAQs


3-12 years old for drop-offs.

All ages are welcome with you present.

Why? We believe the safest place for these little ones is with you. Children who can potty mostly indepently and communicate are less vulnerable and we do our best to created an environment of awareness and safety for all the children here. They are also rapidly forming their attatchment to you and learning about their world and identities in a way that will stick with them for life. We know you need a lot of support and relief though as you navigate this time in motherhood, so we can help you nap, feed you and listen!



We are getting licensed as a standard daycare and will track our ratios according to who is opting to do a nap or a drop off. The children who are completely under our care will be assigned a care giver who is fingerprinted, CPR certified and trained according to training materials that will be posted publicly here! We intend to provide the highest quality of care, far beyond the criteria set by government entities. We are insured far beyond required liability for daycares in the state of Arizona.


For now we are starting with 8:00am-2:00pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Since we’re a new concept, we’ll be gathering information from you about what times have the highest demand and would benefit your family the most. From there we can adjust with staffing.



This is our favorite offering. Much needed rest is available to you! We log this as care time since we are completely responsible for your children while you’re asleep. Sleep time is tracked on your membership the same as a drop-off.


Since food and beverage for you and yours are included in the membership, we are making food for everyone in large quantities. Because of this, even though the options will always be fresh and healthy, it makes it hard to accommodate more specific allergies, especially severe ones. The food available for the week will be posted through our membership newsletter so you can plan in case you need to supplement with your own food. If this is the case on a regular basis we can work out a discount on your membership for the amount that accounts for the food. In severe cases, this may not be the best option for the safety of your child.


Security is a huge priority. The only people allowed on the property are the moms and children on the membership. In cases where someone would like to take a tour we get a copy of the driver’s license and run a database check. Then they’re accompanied for the tour.

If someone other than you on the membership needs to pick up your child, we will need to have them listed as a verified person on your account and get same-day confirmation from you. 

If this person is not listed on the account we will not release the child to them until we can confirm with you.

In cases of mostly anything else, all non-members can only be in the front welcome area that is separated from the rest of the club by a locked door. There is no willy nilly coming and going.



Genius is inherent to everyone. Children are consistently demonstrating genius... But then something happens when they are introduced to rigid and unnatural systems. The genius is taught out, crushed... lost.

Garden, because this is a place that is designed to emotionally, mentally and physically cultivate and encourage genius in mother and child. Mothers have greater capacity and greater possibility when supported, nurtured, seen and heard.

Club, because it is exclusive. It is a community for the full time mothers who are commiting themselves in the most intimate and meaningful way to their families—first. It’s a membership that provides stability, nourishment and peace. This exlusivity helps to form a strong culture and bond between members and increases the level of saftey and stability for those on the premises.



Lions represent family and wisdom. They are a powerful and dangerous, close-knit community that works in different roles to serve the pride.

The sword represents safety, protection, strength and peace. Genius Garden Club is not about idealizing the reality of raising children with balloons, cartoons and mindless positivity. It is the highest calling we have, to protect innocence, pass along wisdom, take deep responsibility and be a meaningful force in the lives of the next generation. Here, mothers and children are more important than celebrities or politicians. Connection, respect, safety and well-being is what lays the ground work for imagination, joy and healthy play.



It can’t be what it was, at least in its original structure, but the need is still very relevant and we feel the pain of this unmet need ripple through our families, communities and finally through society itself. The state of the mother and her ability to thrive is the infrastructure of the future. The Genius Garden Club is the new village.




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