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Bosa is a team optimization tool that automates finding and completing tasks so that people can focus on the work that matters most.

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Project Description

The Problem We're Solving

Teams have a key member acting as a "de facto" project manager (PM) on top of their normal workload. A “de facto” PM is someone who is in a role they were hired for (e.g. - Marketing Lead), but they spend 50% or more of their time project managing for the company.

The "de facto" PM ends up spending hours a week trying to keep their team on track by jumping back and forth between tools to collect and assign tasks to the team as well as continuously keeping track of task status and completion in various tools, not to mention status meetings. This results in the “de facto” PM being mentally overloaded and misutilized.


Our Solution + Product

Our solution is to liberate the "de facto" PM role so the whole team can focus on the work that matters most. 

Bosa leverages natural language processing and Chrome Extension technology to find tasks without interrupting your work, like taking meeting notes in a Google Doc. As Bosa finds tasks in the tools you use, it automatically populates them in one centralized place and keeps track of progress with any effort from the user, turning task management into an automated process happening in the background, while users focus on their work.

This means Bosa isn't another tool in your productivity stack, it's a productivity layer. 


Our Mission + Vision

We’re on a mission to:

  • Introduce greater transparency and democratization of information across teams (i.e - no information silos)
  • Provide insights to best leverage the skills of your team to effectively accomplish company goals 
  • Allow team members to be in sync without giving up their preferred workflow and tools

Our long term vision is to create highly optimized teams that spend less time managing the work and more time doing the work. The impact of teams using Bosa will them to be:

  • Laser-focused on executing their mission 
  • Made up of healthy and balanced humans
  • Culturally equitable and inclusive



We’re seeking funding to cover operational and software costs so that we can establish a strong foundation for our business to grow in 2021 as we focus on our product launch and user acquisition in 2021. 



We’re a team of two Black, first-gen founders with experience running product and programs as well as leading teams at startups and companies like CBS Interactive and Backstage Capital. Our company is remote first and we’re building outside of Silicon Valley. 


Thank you!

Thank you for the encouragement and support of our team as we're on this journey of building Bosa. It means the world to us!



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