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Bogobrush. Healthy mouths, healthy planet.

Scaling to meet mass market demand, reach new customers, and create never before seen planet-friendly materials. To a better world!

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We are on a mission to create beautiful products out of waste to inspire circularity in life. We believe it starts with beautiful design and the humans who create it. 



Each year, 1 Billion toothbrushes end up in landfills or habitats in the USA, and 80 Million Americans lack access to adequate dental care. On top of these issues, from a design standpoint,  toothbrushes are something people hide away in a dirty cup or cabinet. Their grips and gimmicks made them un-recyclable.  

For Retailers like CVS they have problems reaching young, eco-conscious customers, and our products give them a way to stay relevant, all while they are able to increase their revenue per square foot compared to traditional toothbrushes.

Many customers want their purchases and decisions to have a positive impact, and want to know that they are helping the world through the objects they use.



Bogobrush has a $6.9 billion Target Addressable Market. Eighty-three percent of consumers today expect products to create positive environmental or social impact. This translates in the market to where we see that 55% of CPG market growth today comes from Sustainable & Premium brands. These brands are proving to grow 7x faster than conventional brands, AND consumers are willing to pay at least 40% more for products with values like Bogobrush.

Bogobrush has seen exponential growth for three straight years - 7x from 2019 to 2020 - and is ready to scale to meet even larger demand.  In the past 12 months, Bogobrush has grown through sales partnerships with stores including CVS, in US and UK, Selfridges&Co Department Store UK (regularly voted the “world’s best department store,”) and has monthly subscribers through

Bogobrush has a unique position in the market as the only product that brings together sustainabilty, modern design, social impact, and made in the USA. The eco-chic customer has disrupted many CPG categories and oral care is ready for that next change. With our pricing model, retailers earn up to 100% more revenue per unit with Bogobrush that most manual toothbrushes.



Bogobrush designs, innovates, manufactures, and sells sustainable, made in the USA toothbrushes and stands.

Made from entirely recycled materials, Bogobrush collections never have to see a landfill. Our recycled collection uses recycled plastic from manufacturing waste, and our natural, plastic-free collection is made from plants like cotton, coffee, hemp, and flax. 

Bogobrush's beautiful, minimal design stands out from all other manual toothbrushes and combined with our stand, is elevated to something people proudly display in their home. The sustainable materials and packaging connect with customers who demand sustainable values in the products they use. We continue to launch industry-first materials and designs. 

Through Bogobrush, we have redirected the equivalent of 440,000 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream. And by producing in the USA, we've prevented an estimated 58 tons of C02 from entering the atmosphere.  

And, we don't stop there. We donate 10% of profits to organizations around the world supporting sustainability in local communities, because doing good is good for business. 



We are fundraising to invest in marketing including social media, trade spend, and consumer marketing. We are also investing in hiring and team building in marketing, sales, and operations to support the growth of the company. We are also funding new materials to bring newness to our collections, which buyers love. 



Heather McDougall - CEO and Cofounder

Heather is a global sustainability expert with an honors degree in law. She consults communities globally, delivers keynotes on radically honest sustainability and entrepreneurship, and has worked for attorneys in lobbying and venture capital. Heather is motivated by nature, yoga, music and the quantum energy that connects all things.

John McDougall - Chief Creative Officer and Cofounder

John is an award-winning designer with a passion for sustainability. he has done work for General Motors, Honda, Peugeot, Coca-Cola, and others. when he isn’t drawing toothbrushes or cars, John is most likely outside, searching for adventure by land, air, sea, or snow.

Angela Wallace - CSO/SOO

Angela has more than twelve years experience scaling success in social enterprises, start-ups, charities and corporate philanthropy. She has partnered with more than 150 conscious companies as a brand architect, consultant, speaker and writer in social impact and sustainability.

David Haukaas - Chief Financial Advisor

Over the past 15 years, David has served in a progressive series of leadership roles in the financial services industry. Most recently, he served as the Deputy Head of Finance for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.  In his free time, you'll generally find him either outside adventuring or indoors reading books ranging from quantum physics to business strategy.





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