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The #1 resource connecting travelers to the African Diaspora Globally!

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The Opportunity

 The problem Black tourist globally face is the lack of representation in the travel industry that reflects and supports their travel aspirations, preferences and trends.  Although the Black Travel Movement is constantly expanding and Black travelers in America alone spend 129.6 billion dollars annually, up until 2020 there was not one collective resource for Black tourist to locate Black owned businesses and communities on 6 out of 7 continents until the release of the ABC Travel Greenbook. Before the book released, Black travelers were unaware of the various resources and communities created for us, by us, meaning they missed the opportunity to maximize traveling experiences due to the lack of knowledge and support to reach travelers on all levels. All Black Content Network recognizes the need for a platform that educates, assist and supports a growing global community through dogotal content and articles geared towards the Black Traveler. We are committed to changing the face of tourism forever, with multiple products and services to disrupt the travel industry

Company Description

ABC Travel Network is the ultimate travel platform for Black tourists globally. We aim to create the most complete platform globally for exploring the African Diaspora globally through the lens of the Black traveler .With the need to see more travelers of the African Diaspora reflected in travel advertising and promotion we provide the resources needed for black tourists to discover Black history and communities throughout the world. With no age, gender, size, social status, disability or sexual preference, we provide multiple resources for Black travelers to thrive in every stage of their travel experience, ultimately making travel easier and more attainable. Through our strong partnerships, innovative technology, and a global network of content creators our passion for travel is critical to the growth and continued success of the Black travel movement. 

Mission Statement:

ABC Travel Networks mission is to be the number one travel resource for Black tourist globally. With a commitment to providing a variety of solutions to the Black travel community, we will continuously support our growing travel niche to ensure the best outcome in changing the travel narrative. As leaders in our field, we will act as change agents and improve the way the world promotes tourism while smashing negative stereotypes placed upon Black tourist.  We will continually promote Black travel and produce all Black content that provides knowledge for travelers at every stage of their travel journey.

Products and Services:

ABC Travel Network is a multifaceted resource providing travel education and services to Black tourist worldwide. With a commitment to providing outstanding content and products  the following list describes our current products and services that contribute to the growth of the Black Travel Movement

The ABC Travel Greenbook is the #1 resource connecting travelers to the African Diapora Globally released in 2020 the book has sold over 10,000 copies and is a best seller on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The book list Black travel businesses and communities on 6 out of 7 continents and helps travelers not only identify where they can go to get Black owned goods and services while traveling but helps them stay safe on their journey.

Cheyenne and the ABC Travel Greenbook is an education book series for children from ages 1-9 to learn about the different Black communities throughout the world. These are the communities they don’t learn in school but have an impact on the world. This 5 book series stars Cheyenne Jackson a bilingual 2nd grader from Oakland California . Book one ‘’The Americas’’ released in November 2021 and book two ‘’Africa will release just in time for Back to school.

The ABC travel Greenbook app, is the current product we’re crowdfunding for. With businesses opening and closing throughout the pandemic the book needs to be constantly changed to support these factors. With the future of travel being digital, instead of releasing more volumes of the books we want to switch to a digital format that serves as a resource and social network. The ABC Travel Greenbook app will still list the businesses and communities you can find in the book, but also allows you to create a profile, set Black owned itineraries in destinations, leave a review for Black owned businesses you visited and connect with other Black travelers who are in the same destination as you for meetups. Apps are tedious and expensive and through this campaign I’m raising funds to complete the app by September so it can be release at the Nomadnessfest conference for Black and Brown travelers.


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