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Three Honey Bees Re-Launch
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Just Because I Care

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Thank you for supporting our efforts! We are committed to continuing to offer premium products and education to our motherhood tribe. 

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Show your support for Three Honey Bees (mom owned company) by showcasing your appreciation for moms and all they do!

Choose one of our signature T-Shirt: 

1. Babywearing Mama

2. Shout out to Moms...Just Because 

3. Somebody's Momma Fine...., that's me, somebody's mama

4. Mama & CEO

5. Mama and than some..


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Email your confirmation, size and address to [email protected]

T-Shirts are shipped within 2-3 weeks days of purchase.

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  • Private Invitation to an Exclusive Spa Retreat for Women in the DMV area
  • Includes a gift basket of premium self care products for our favorite brands!
  • Get a shoutout on our social platforms and website as a Community Sponsor. 

This includes a write up about your organization and it's initiatives. 

Free shipping in the U.S. only
No Limit

Thank You For Supporting!

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