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ComfortArm – No More Embarrassing Sweat Marks
Reward: Monetary Contribution With No Reward

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Reward: Early Bird Special

The first 2,000 backers will get a Standard 12ct. pack of ComfortArm, which will give you 6 pairs to protect you from those occasional sweats throughout the week. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Reward Includes:

  • (1) ComfortArm 12ct.
  • personalized Thank You letter
  • (2) hygiene packages delivered

Free shipping worldwide

1989 Left
Reward: Stay Ready, Never Sweaty

Pre-order your Industrial pack of ComfortArm today. Ready to protect even the heaviest perspires. This pack comes with a count of 96. Don't be without protection. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!


Reward Includes:

  • a pack of ComfortArm 12ct.
  • an Industrial pack 
  • Custom necktie, head scarf, pocket square, or towel
  • Personal Thank You letter
  • 5 hygiene packages delivered


No Limit
Reward: iFundWomen Exclusive

PRE-ORDER AN EXCLUSIVE SPECIALITY PACK! Only available on iFundWomen. When you unlock this reward, you'll receive a 12 count sample of the new ComfortArm design. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING


Reward Includes:

  • a Specialty pack
  • 3 month subscription code for Industrial pack FREE
  • (2) Ballpoint Pens w/ logo
  • Thank You Letter
  • 10 hygiene packages delivered 

Free Shipping Worldwide

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Reward: Sweat Protector Pack

Get four (4) of the 12 count packs. FOUR has a cotton center  and FOUR without, so you can stay dry despite what you're wearing. Carry all of your ComfortArm in your backpack. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!


Reward Includes:

  • (4) 12 count packs with cotton core
  • (4) 12 count packs without
  • ComfortArm backpack
  • 4 month subscription of any ComfortArm pack FREE
  • 25 hygiene packages delivered
  • Thank You Letter


No Limit

Thank You For Supporting!

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