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Project Description

Hi, I'm Amber Allen the owner behind the brand fit flex focus where we offer a healthier alternatives for outer inner appearance concerning health. I was born and raised in Texarkana, TX. In 2019, I embarked on an long term entrepreneurial journey with my children and others around the vision that health, wellness and super-foods ought to be more approachable, inclusive and fun.

Building may have appeared effortless, however I soon realized that the odds where stacked against me. Starting a business at that age of 28 without any resources quickly forced me to realize that early stage entrepreneurship was anything but transparent. All the while trying to show others a better way of life and nutrition. In 2020, I began documenting my learning and experiences whiles showing others whats possible.

Thanks for reading my story!



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What is sea moss? Sea moss is algae known as irish moss or (chondrus crispus), it's heart healthy it can improve blood sugar control, help lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.




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