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How to perfect your business pitch in 5 simple steps


BY Ashley olafsen, Startup coach, IFUNDWOMEN

July 27, 2021

An excellent pitch is critical to your success as a business owner. 

A clear, articulate, and powerful pitch can lead to funding, partnerships, media placements, sales, grants, and other opportunities. 

I know because it has yielded these things for me in my business! I’m Ashley, one of the Startup Coaches at IFundWomen. I have raised $36K through pitch competitions, been featured in Forbes, and used to run sold-out summer programs for teenage girls—all thanks to the strength of my business pitch. 

Creating a perfect pitch can feel daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Here are my favorite tips to get you started: 


Tip 1: Follow our IFundWomen pitch structure

At IFundWomen, we have created a plug-and-play structure for you to follow, so you can craft the perfect pitch with ease. To use, make a copy of our IFundWomen Method Playbook. Then, fill out the “Pitch Honing” tab. As you’ll notice, the perfect pitch structure awaits you.


Tip 2: Keep it simple

Candidly, I have done quite a few pitch competitions where it’s challenging to understand what my competitors are pitching. This is a huge problem, because if people don’t understand what your business does, no one will want to support you.

If you keep your pitch as simple and as straightforward as possible, you’ll be able to avoid confusion. If you are a skincare brand, clearly state that you’re a skincare brand. If you are developing an app, say that you’re developing an app instead of a platform. And if you’re developing a community, say where your community lives: is it an IRL community? An Instagram community? 

Always avoid vague words, instead favoring words that are simple and concrete instead. 


Tip 3: Keep it real 

The best pitches are pitches that are the ones that are genuine and full of passion. When you’re crafting your pitch, be sure to use words that you actually use in your everyday life. Avoid jargon and complicated language. Instead, try to craft something that feels representative of you and your brand. 

If your pitch feels stale or inauthentic, you won’t end up using it. And that defeats the whole point of creating a pitch! So create something that you’re excited to share—something honest and transparent!


Tip 4: Add statistics to demonstrate your businesses’ impact 

Statistics can add that extra oomph and legitimacy to your pitch. Try adding in one or two statistics to demonstrate the problem you’re trying to solve. 


Tip 5: Practice, practice, then practice some more

Practice on everyone who will listen to you (or, in the mirror)! Record yourself, listen to the recording, and practice again. You want to get to the point where your pitch feels totally natural, intuitive, and comfortable. So keep practicing until you get there!




Want help perfecting

your pitch? 


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