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Help the less fortunate

It could be you, be a blessing to others. Pay it forward, sometimes we have no control over life's obstacles. Be the reason for a testimony

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Project Description

The mission of the company is to provide those less fortunate with the help they need by providing resources, clothing, food, toiletries and shelter when funds permit. 

We would be helping to solve some of the immediate needs for the homeless, women with children, unemployed and those who have fell on hard times during the pandemic and need a little help.

Market size 50,000 and with the help of the grant, would like to increase our territory to help even more people.

Company provides private nursing, workshops, education, essential oils, roll-on fragrance oils and shea butter. Providing these services creates relationships with the community, building trust and loyalty for our company. Allowing others to see the hard work we do and want to help. Being able to provide or assist someone uplifts them and even if for a short period of time, makes their life feel better. 

I am seeking funding to help with the cost accrued to assist the community.  Funds will be spent on food, shelter, clothing, school supplies, portable showers, bill assistance, administrative supplies and office equipment.

My team is a small group of like minded people that want to make this world a better place one step at a time. Some understand the clients needs because they have experienced hardships and are empathetic to the project.

We want to thank those in advance that are willing to help make our vision come true. We will make you proud to say that you listened to your heart and gave to the cause.  You will be rewarded for being a blessing to others.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is best way to contact? The best way to reach us is by email: [email protected] or text message 909-689-6095. Please allow 24-48hrs for return call.

What areas do you service? San Bernardino County and looking to grow and service Los Angeles County as well.



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