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MMCC: An Analysis and Insights Firm with Heart

Analysis pays the bills so we can pursue our passions for improving our community, connecting, and impacting positive change in the world.

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Project Description

Analysis pays the bills so we can pursue our passion

… our passion for improving our community

… our passion for connecting people with opportunities

… our passion for impacting positive change in the world.

-Mission Statement


M and M Chambers Consulting LLC is an analysis and insights consulting firm, but more than that it is a mission-based company dedicated to philanthropic pursuits; helping the underserved, undervalued, and community at large.

Analysis and insights are broad terminology; M and M Chambers Consulting defines our services in terms of business solutions and based on four main pillars: Accounting and Finance, Analytics, Business Process and Marketing and Branding Strategy. Standing out from the pack by not pushing technical solutions or lengthy engagements without result; M and M Chambers Consulting focuses on a collaborative, client-led approach validated with client check-ins and deliverables. To further promote our collaborative methodology, our firm offers an all-inclusive reverse engineering option as a Post-Engagement deliverable.

In general, our target market will be small to mid-size enterprises. However, we are a mission-based company above all else; all projects must somehow directly or indirectly better the community. In addition to mission requirements, M and M Chambers Consulting is committed to always adding value. All project timelines include checkpoints, starting in the Pre-Engagement phase, that ensure our services are aligned with business need and expectation.

Clients choosing to work with M and M Chambers Consulting are getting the advantage of working with a team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in finance, project management, business and process analysis, marketing, and the solution development life cycle.


Company Description



M and M Chambers Consulting values community; recognizing, celebrating, and facilitating opportunities for individuals and creating safe, engaging, and creative spaces for the whole. This philosophy is evident from the internal team culture to how we engage with our clients.



The M and M Chambers Consulting team is comprised of two Project Managers, one Business Manager and four Project Engineers.

Team Overview

R. Chambers (Founder)- Project Manager

Over a decade of experience analyzing technical business challenges and providing solutions to address needs; coordinating efforts and resources among multiple complex projects and providing data/business analysis life cycle support. Career success directly related to a love for encountering new challenges, acquiring knowledge, expanding skills and working collaboratively.

A passion for personal and professional mentorship and a belief that everyone can achieve greatness if aligned with his or her divine assignment led Chambers to found M and M Chambers Consulting LLC.

Related Education: M.S. Business Analytics (Texas A & M- Commerce); B.A. Economics (University of Akron)


M. Grant- Project Manager

IT professional with a proven track record of delivering complex solutions to meet business challenges.

A seasoned professional with 25+ years of experience working with evolving and emerging technologies that fit the current need, allowing for growth, durability, and extensibility.

The focus on the business need has led to solutions that have spanned from changing approach to refactoring business processes to delivering technical solutions (“out of box” or design/develop).

I am a lifelong learner that enjoys family time, biking, playing the guitar and working out.

Related Education: M.S. Financial Economics (Ohio University); B.S. Business Administration and Computer Information Systems (Ohio Dominican)


            C. Moeller- Business Manager

A multifaceted project manager dedicated to delivering results for over 10 years in multiple industries (majority of experience acquired in healthcare/public service and accounting). Skilled in organizing and driving operations and effectively developing and enacting policies to increase organizational operation efficiency. Professional success attributed to problem solving, effective communication, relationship building and strategic partnership facilitation.

The desire to help others maximize their personal and professional efficiency and potential led Moeller to join the M and M Chambers Consulting team.

Related Education: B.A. Financial Management (Franklin University)


Ad. Holland- Project Engineer

Over 14 years of administration experience ranging from operations and management to marketing and recruitment - and just about everything in between. Focused on maximizing effectiveness by building relationships, identifying passions, and developing systems and processes that are customized for each organization.

A firm believer that in every area of life, progress is made through joyfully serving others, authenticity, and gratitude. 


Am. Price- Project Engineer

Houston native, Amber Price, serves as coordinator, a creator, and a prolific learner. Amber received her Bachelor of Science at Sam Houston State University in Psychology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. She then earned her Master of Business Administration at John F. Kennedy University, only to continue to refine her education by pursuing medical school. Amber has over 10 years of experience in business coordination, team training, and operations development, with a special skill set in design, marketing, and brand management. She prides herself in her ability to create and foster relationships that have led to business expansions and success across the state. Dedicated to service in her community, she lives by the 3 A's as an activist, advocate, and ally.

Related Education: Psychology (Criminal Justice) ( (Sam Houston State University); M.S. Business Administration (John F. Kennedy University)


T. Naraine- Project Engineer

Experience in the healthcare industry spanning over 17 years, with a focus on marketing, branding, managing events, and logistics. A driven leader who is enthusiastic about producing beautiful and engaging content. Has a proven track record of successfully planning and carrying out events from beginning to end. Has a passion to identify new markets and customers, demand for products and services, and the efficacy of existing marketing campaigns and strategies. Enjoys traveling, baking, working out, and spending time with friends and family.

Related Education: M.S. Business Administration (Texas A & M - Commerce); B.S. Healthcare Administration (Texas State University)


Cr. Cubas- Project Engineer

Finance and Accounting professional with more than a decade of experience improving financial landscapes and promoting corporate transparency. Skilled in analytics, process life cycle, project management, strategic planning, and professional development, Cubas has a proven track record of success.

Believing in the power of faith and service, Cubas has always been drawn to philanthropy and mission-based pursuits.  Dually proud of her Honduran heritage and upbringing in New Orleans, Louisiana, Cubas represents the duality that best defines “living the American dream”.

Related Education: M.S. Business Administration (Keller Graduate School of Management); B.S. Finance (Louisiana Tech University)



M and M Chambers Consulting provides business solutions to small and mid-size enterprises. Our firm ensures a customer-led, collaborative approach by following a business process defined by regular engagement checkpoints and deliverables.

We deploy a simple, repeatable business model that supports a stream-lined engagement: Assess, Plan and Mobilize Assets and Execute.

  1. Assess- Meet with client to understand needs and project scope; determine if project meets M and M Chambers Consulting mission requirements
  2. Plan and Mobilize Assets- Outline project plan with planned client checkpoints and determine resource needs (internal and external)
  3. Execute project plan



    • Business Solutions Support
      • Accounting/Finance
      • Analytics
      • Business Process
      • Marketing/Branding
    • Staff Augmentation


    Products- Deliverables

    • Pre-Engagement- project timeline, resource management document
    • Engagement- milestone documents, project action documentation
    • Post-Engagement- reverse engineering document



    M and M Chambers Consulting is best categorized as a management consulting firm. Management consulting is a $300+ billion industry with a projected growth rate of at least 5%. With current industry trends focused on technical solutions there is a need for firms that can provide solutions to enterprises anywhere on the technological spectrum. In the case of enterprises without up to date technology, M and M Chambers Consulting will use in-house tools to bridge any necessary technical gaps. And to meet the needs of clients with advanced technical infrastructure, our firm has team members well-equipped to navigate.

    In addition to our technologically agnostic stance and collaborative, client-led processes, M and M Chambers Consulting will approach all engagements with the following soft skills:

    • Humility and respect for the client and their knowledge- While this firm has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, we recognize foremost that the client is the expert when it comes to their business and industry, and we will always treat them as such.
    • Active listening with genuine acknowledgement of client input- M and M Chambers Consulting values our clients and their input. We do not simply solicit a collaborative engagement; we believe in it and implement.
    • Commitment to value-add at all times during engagement- This firm’s engagement strategy is laden with client checkpoints and deliverables to ensure our services are still in need and adding value.


















    Initial funds raised will primarily be used to pay team, purchase equipment (computers) and cover infrastructure costs. After those essentials, remaining funds will be put towards marketing, branding and securing office space. 
































    Startup Expenses Overview
















































    A genuine and heartfelt thank you to all who take the time to learn more about this organization and consider helping us pursue our mission!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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