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Expanding with Nature

Responsible expansion to protect the existing peaceful vacation spaces which promote mental health while preserving the surrounding nature.

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Project Description

The reason I'm asking for support is because responsible expansion is more expensive than the "bulldoze and build" method.  I run an extremely small resort and campground in northern WI and I'm looking at adding more accommodations - to keep up with all the raising costs and demand.  However, my business prides itself on being a place you can get away, find peace and re-center.  It's not a sardine packed parking lot style campground, manufactured like all of corporate America and the corporate chain campgrounds and resorts popping up everywhere.  We are different, at our business you can still hear the wind in the trees, listen to the loons call, catch great fish, see the starts devoid of light pollution and you can still drink the clean, artesian water right from the well. 

All these great things we'd like to preserve yet responsibly grow, spreading the sites into the trees to allow guests more space and a greater ability to unwind and unpack their stress of their day to day.  It is important for our mental health to have affordable places and spaces where we can just let go.  

Currently, we are raising money to build trails through the forest and set up accommodations along these trails, isolated in the peaceful trees so guests can fully experience a bird’s song or the smell of a warm summer breeze.

Funds raised will support local contractors and vendors who will assist in the expansion project as smaller-lower impact machinery is planned to be used instead of large scale lot clearing equipment in order to navigate around old growth trees and animal habitat.

By chipping in on this project you will be helping a business preserve the beautiful forest and nature that surrounds it.  You will also help many future guests find their peace, and grant them the ability to relax and unwind, which is critical to their mental and spiritual well-being.



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many employees do you have?

  •  None, just me, a single hardworking women.  I work exhaustingly hard every day just to keep the lights on.  As of now, I can't afford help so I do it all myself, which includes cutting & stacking the firewood, fixing and maintaining the equipment & machinery but also just basic cleaning, housekeeping and landscaping.  You’ll also find me in the office, running the bookkeeping, greeting guests and trying my hardest to be a good host even when I’m dog tired.

Can we stay at your campground and Resort?

  • Oh boy! Yes of course, please come visit.  It’ll be great for your mental health.  This extremely small resort/campground has been in business for over 40 years. I’ve only owned it for about 2 years but it’s one of the last unspoiled and unexploited places left out there and I’d like to keep it that way.




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Just Because I Care

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