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Connect with people through social activities. Make genuine friends. Start your own activity and bring people together

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Project Description


Boonoob is an app that connects people to activities. We aim to encourage people to foster genuine human connections by helping them do the things they love.


Company’s stage


Getting to Product Market-Fit


Before the coronavirus pandemic company was able to reach PMF and revenue through a web app for San Francisco party scene. Pandemic stopped our operations. We have reestablished our company in 2021 and just launched our mobile app on both Android and iOS on Oct 31st 2022. We have hosted multiple private activities. The results are fantastic and tells us that we are getting back to PMF quickly again! We will be on the web additional to our mobile apps soon.


Note: Our new technology is pandemic proof, enabling us to host virtual audio and video activities with more than 100K participants at once. We can also spin up audio and video streaming services in a matter of days.


Industry: Technology

Customer Focus:  B2C, B2B2C

Number of Employees: 10




Hesam Jafari

Founder, CEO

2X founder with 15+ years of software and hardware engineering experience, 5+ years event planning, community building, and marketing experience, MBA. MS Mech Eng. Research Scholar.


Ayumi Williams

Co-Founder , Product Design

UX Designer, Apparel designer, graphic designer, and project manager with 20+ years of experience– turning design concepts into commercially viable products. Known for leadership.


Michael Juarez

Co-Founder, Technology

2X founder with 25+ years of experience in providing innovative and groundbreaking technical solutions to meet business demand for agility, flexibility, and mobility with cloud experience.


James Morris

Co-Founder, Product Management

2X founder, customer-driven product leader, entrepreneur, and startup advisor spearheading organic software product growth and success.


Risa Pulido

Co-Founder, Social Media Manager

Social media influencer and art director with 20+ years of experience in brand development, marketing, and product design.


(Remove this: Art director Performance-focused, detail-oriented, and innovative professional, offering wide-ranging experience in Marketing and Product design. Expert at formulating and implementing scalable design process; overseeing the branding and advertisement design and production; as well as revising workflows toward data-driven design decisions. Equipped with solid interpersonal and communication aptitudes in establishing productive rapport with individuals of diverse backgrounds.)

Pain Points

  • Making friends that clicks your kinds of tribe  and creating new communities.
  • Finding activities.
  • Longing to have genuine friendships but not able to find them or not enough time.
  • Attending one same activity with other friends there is many paint points such as it’s cumbersome of deciding of time/ buying tickets/ deciding and agreeing same detail
  • Making money

The Problem


The world is filled with events and activities. However, the discovery process for these activities is broken and segmented. Many platforms list events and activities, but there is still a long-winded search and discovery funnel for people to actually discover these listed activities (e.g. social → Google → filter/search → event listing → attend → promote on social), and there is no social layer that allows for people to find common interests with other like-minded people.


Loneliness and not able to find your kinds of community and friends.


The Solution


Boonoob is an activity marketplace where people can create, promote, and participate in events and activities with like-minded friends and connections. Activity creators, called Super-Doers, can promote their events and activities and build a community around them. Activity attenders, called Doers, can engage in social interactions through chat, invitations, and subscriptions, as well as build friendships with those who share similar activity interests. Boonoob also provides revenue generating tools so creators can charge for their events and activities, get tips, and grow paying subscribers.


The result is a powerful activity discovery + promotion recommendation engine, all in a single platform, that bridges the gap between Doers and Super-Doers, and fixes activity discovery by handling the entire discovery lifecycle from beginning to end.



Summary of Customers and Market in a Few Sentences

Boonoob provides an events and activities marketplace. Creators, whom we call Super-Doers, create events and activities on the Boonoob platform and connect with event goers, whom we call Doers, through our platform’s social features. Super-Doers can charge Doers for their events and activities on a one-time or recurring basis.


Boonoob caters to event organizers, event promoters, bookable services professionals, businesses, and activity-centric members of friend groups, on the Super-Doer side, while catering to active people of all ages who want to discover more things to do and make friends in the process, on the Doer side.



The Campaign FAQs


My name is Ayumi Williams. I am the Co-founder of the Boonoob.

Boonoob is an app that connects people to activities. We aim to encourage people to foster genuine human connections by helping them do the things they love.

password: B00n00B

We are looking for additional investors to be part of this meaningful start-up, Please let me know when will be a great time to connect with you.

Currently, we are raising pre-seed round funding.

If you would like to book time with me please let me know.


Boonoob attempts to encapsulate our mission through a combo of two words: “boon” (betterment) and “noob” (newbie). 



100% retention thus far with 0 churn. 



We have 320 users on iOS and 409 users on Android, and growing since we launched our apps in October of 2022, with zero advertising or marketing.


7 weekly active users (up 250% MoM), 26 weekly active users (up 550% MoM), and 44 monthly active users (up 69.2% MoM). 


Repeat Sales

We are in the process of integrating with Stripe to power Payments (release is next month), so that we can support paid activity tickets and promotions and start acquiring revenue. Over 70% of existing activities that are free on our platform are ticketing eligible, so we are excited to release that feature and hit the ground running.



Our average user time on the app is 17m and 17s. 


Total Events

56 and growing (average new activities of 4 per day)



We are raising $350,000 at a $3.5M valuation


Pitch Deck


Best regards,


Ayumi Suzuki Williams


[email protected]

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Monetary Contribution

Boonoob brand goods and discount tickets for the activity

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